Food & Nightlife in Delhi

Christmas is upon us and with it the trepidation of the much awaited date with BAE. If like us you to have been on the fence about where is it exactly that you need to take BAE, well we have found just the place for you. For those of us who just can't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than to be with the special someone, "Bae The Bistro' in South Delhi is where you need to be.

Located in the busy lanes of Kalkaji, this new Bistro is a modern pun on "a date with BAE" and we're all for it!

Bae The Bistro

South Delhi is full of wonderful places where you can sit for hours at length while enjoying good food, a good vibe and the company of your loved ones. Bae The Bistro in Kalkaji South Delhi is one such place. Bathed in the warmth of wooden panelling, dim lighting and a touch of neutral colours. The furniture does wonders for the place and so do the overhead plants and ceiling attractions.

The place all in all makes for a wonderful sitting spot where you can just chat your guy or gal up and enjoy a warm cup of coffee aided by some delicious food.

Comfort food all the way!

Though the vibe of the place may tell you a different story, the food here is as simple and as familiar as it gets. Not only are the dishes such classics that almost everyone can enjoy them but also so deliciously prepared that it will stand out fresh in your memory.

The uncomplicated menu with staples such as dimsums, loaded fries, nachos, burger, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, Chinese, North Indian, Continental and much more, the menu is full dishes that can only be categorised as comfort food.

Do try the Agli O Olio pasta, the cheese burst nachos, crispy chilli potatoes, exotic veggie pizza and round off your meal with the delectably delicious dark passion brownie cake.

Knock Knock

If you're looking to try out a new place this Christmas, the Bae The Bistro is the place where you need to be at. Plus, who can deny the charm of putting punny messages saying: "With Bae at Bae" on social media.

Location: BAE The Bistro - F-2, 1st Floor, Near ICICI Bank, Kalkaji

Coffee is something that gets us running through the day. We cannot function without our dose of caffeine in the morning and when we don't get enough there's no telling how our day might pan out. So when it comes to coffee shops and places where we can have a warm cuppa to calm our senses, a nail studio is the farthest thing from our mind.

This cafe in Safdarjung combines the two passions we have, getting our nails done and sipping on some good coffee. If you have a thing for nails well, you need to visit Dongne The Town in Delhi.

Was there ever a better combination than Coffee & Nail Art?

Dongne The Town in Safdarjung is a unique lill cafe which offers not just great coffee but stunning nail art sessions. Run by a Korean entrepreneur, this cafe in Safdarjung is as unique as it gets. While you enjoy your matcha latte, your flat white or the classic cocktail and a few snacks, the professionals here give you a manicure to remember.

If you're thinking that Dongne The Town is just another coffee shop with a new quirk, you couldn't be more wrong. The fact is that Dongne The Town is a concept that is as functional as it is cute. You can simply go there for an outing with a group of your closest friends and get your nails painted while enjoying a thorough gossip session, some snack and a cuppa joe.

You can also call on Bae to accompany you to the nail appointment and while you get your hands all pretty and tidied up, they can enjoy a strong cup of coffee. Can getting your nails done or grabbing a good cup of coffee get any better? We think not!

Knock Knock

Dongne The Town is an ideal place for treating yourself, be it to some spicy Korean food, a stunning manicure or a cheesecake and a latte. The place is as innovative as it gets and we don't think there's a better way of enjoying yourselves. Though the place isn't just suited for those who want to get a manicure done, they serve some delicious Korean grub as well. Their bibimbap is the stuff of legends and the chicken katsu and the kimchi fried rice, a must have.

Location: 77B, Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, Safdarjung, New Delhi

The harsh Delhi winters are the bluest time of the year. With the cold setting in our bones and no recluse from the gusty winds, a warm beverage is all that can calm our spirits in the chilly atmosphere. though a coffee is always a good idea, these heavy winters call for something more indulgent- yes, it is hot chocolate that we're talking about.

When in Delhi, you can be sure that there is no dearth of options to pick from, yet we cannot stop raving about the hot chocolate served here in Baked Love by Vatsala at Green Park.

Sweet, Indulgent and Divine

Hot Chocolates are a winter staple, you can never have enough of hot chocolate in life and if you think you have, try another cup you just might change your mind. The hot choco served here at Baked Love is one we will never be able to have enough of.

While most hot chocolates out there feel like we're drinking chocolate milk, this one is as far from that as can be. The hot chocolate served here is thick, indulgent and as chocolaty as you can imagine. The hot cocoa has an extremely powerful chocolate flavour and is even topped with tiny heart shaped marshmallows, which if you ask us- makes all the difference.

An additional aspect of grabbing a hot chocolate here, is the fact that you can also indulge in delicious desserts. The cookies served here are some of our favourite and with Christmas hanging around the corner we just cannot wait to get our hands on some delicious Christmas themed cookies and cup cakes.

Knock Knock

Bid adieu to winter blues with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and maybe a delicious banana bread, a dainty little cupcake or ornate cookies. We would highly recommend indulging in the warm treat and keeping warm during the murky winters.

Location: Shop 17A, Aashirwad Complex D-1, Green Park, New Delhi

Winters in Delhi can sure put a damper on your spirits. The cold combined with the pollution makes it a hard time finding sunshine and warmth inside the concrete jungle. If you're looking for something that you could warm your bones during the harsh winters, we have just the thing for you!

Our favourite dessert and beverages chain- Cinnabon is making us an offer to warm our murky winters and make it all toasty and sunshiny. Cinnabon is offering cinnamon chips and cappuccino, all for 99 bucks!

An offer you just can't say no to!

Cinnabon is making us an offer we just won't be able to refuse. During the cold winter months Cinnabon is offering toasty cinnamon flavoured chips served with a small sized cappuccino at just ₹99! Yep, you read that right. You can have some warm spiced cinnamon chips with a added pinch of spices on top as well as a cappuccino to keep you warm and give your delicious chips company.

The offer is valid for all Cinnabon outlets across NCR, the entire work-week i.e. Monday to Friday, all day, everyday!

So, if you've been wanting to grab something warm and delicious to warm your winters, treat yourself to the combo at dirt cheap prices and get all fuzzy from the insides.

Knock Knock

Keep your spirits high and your tummy warm this winter season with a delicious serving of sweet chips and coffee. We all love Cinnabon's coffee and its cinnamon buns and the fact that we can relish these in just 99 bucks is simply a cherry on top. So head on out, maybe grab a friend and enjoy a coffee warm enough to put a smile on your face.

Offer is valid across all Cinnabon outlets in Delhi NCR on Mondays and Fridays. Go grab your cinnamon chips & coffee today!

When in North-India, Parathe and breakfast are almost synonymous. Though we may indulge in a few idlis, pancakes and sandwiches once in a while, we all know that parathas will forever be our true breakfast bae. With the winters upon us, a warm paratha served with butter and chutney, sounds like pure bliss.

Parathas are also the most pocket friendly and satisfying of all meals. No-matter who you are, a student on a budget, a busy entrepreneur looking for something quick, or an office worker in search of something warm and filling, parathas will always do the trick. When in Noida, check out these 5 places in Noida for the most warm, delicious, soft and wonderful parathas.

1. Chandni Chowk Ke Mashoor Paranthe, Sector 18

For anyone who works or studies near Sectors 19 and 18, you know that there's no better place to have a good paratha and a delicious cup of chai than at the shop next to 'Khans Rolls'. Though, you might not know the shop by name, this iconic joint just near the metro station is exactly where we all gather to have our morning breakfast and the evening tea.

The chai here is the best you can find in the entire area and we can vouch for it. Plus, the parathas are the most simple yet the most delicious, we are especially a fan of the aloo pyaz paratha and paneer paratha.

Location: G-24B, Savitri Market, next to Khan's Sector 18, Noida

2. Amity Gate 4, Sector 125

This paratha joint in front of Amity University's Gate 4 is a saviour for students and faculty alike. While there are several other paratha places near the campus, this one is our favourite since they serve steamy chicken parathas. You will not find a better chicken paratha at the given price point and there's no denying that.

Though, the chicken paratha person does not serve chai, you can get a pretty great cup of tea from any one of the kiosks near the stall.

3. Near Marwah Studios (AAFT), Sector 16A

While there are plenty of places where you can have parathas in Sector 18. Any-one who studies or goes to work in sector 16A will tell you a different story. While, the lanes of this sector are full of amazing places where you can grab a quick lunch, none match the taste and price-point of of the tea-maggi-paratha stall right in front of Viacom 18 building.

Order yourself an egg paratha, an aloo-pyaz paratha or even a gobhi paratha and you will never be disappointed. Plus, the dada here serves the parathas with green chutney, pickles, chillies and a healthy dose of butter. You will also find a good cup of tea and a great plateful of veggie/egg maggi here.

4. Vinod Parathe, Sector 44 Market

This paratha joint in the Sector 44 market is exactly where you go when looking for a good breakfast. They are forever rolling dough balls, making big, round and fluffy parathas and you will find that the taste and quality here is unmatched. Do try the pyaz ke parathe and paneer ke parathe here, they will blow your mind.

You can also find a good cup of tea anywhere in the market. Get a cup of ginger or masala tea, find a few good parathas and get ready to have a breakfast like no other.

5. Met Life, Sector 135, Special economic zone

The special economic zone near Met Life is a hub of activity. With people working in endless shifts, the markets here are never short of activities. The late night market, here is up until 3 am in the morning and the parathas served here are legendary. The aloo, egg and aloo pyaaz paratha will satisfy your every huger qualm and you can always depend on the market to deliver the best.

You can also find a good cup of tea here, the honey chilli potatoes on kiosks are also drool worthy and we can never have enough.

The list is sure to get you the best of stuffed parathas and chai and for winters there's no better treat than having a plateful of the awesomeness. Make sure to try out our top picks and tell us about your favourites as well.

When it comes to Vegan-ism and Vegan eating habits most people have strong opinions against or in favour of the practice. Veganism is often scoffed upon and especially so in a region like North-India where we cannot think of a life without butter chicken, ghee wali rotiyan and even a simple everyday cappuccino.

With the world shifting towards a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle, Veganism is gaining traction. So, if you're looking for healthier food options, you need to check out Nut & Bowls in Delhi's GK2.

Ve-gan do this!

With the increasing focus on a more rounded and wholesome living, Vegan eating habits have been brought to the mainstream food culture. Today there are number of option for people who want to opt for more conscious eating habits.

Nut & Bowls in Delhi's Greater Kailash 2 is our favourite spot for experimenting with the newer dietary options and shedding away our cynicism for the healthier diet. The food served here is pretty great especially owing to the fact that these dishes are healthier as compared to their non-vegan alternatives, two such are the blue matcha latte and the waffles.

The good stuff

While the idea of a vegan latte may seem far-fetched and unreal, it is so much more than soy milk and coffee. The vegan Blue-Matcha Latte is a beautiful concoction of the earthy matcha flavour, the goodness of home-made almond mylk and some good old-fashioned coffee art. The coffee is not only delicious but has several health benefits including an improved cell health, great for skin elasticity, prevention of premature ageing, a great source of anti oxidants and even improved hair growth.

Plus, we can all agree that the blue coffee makes for a great Instagram picture!

The waffles will make you think twice on why you needed all the eggs in the waffles when they could be fluffier and airier without the added eggs. Though the waffles are available in three different flavours including classic, berries and raw-tella. The Berries Waffle served with raspberry-blueberry jam, maple syrup as well as cacao nibs and the Raw-Tella Waffle with home-made vegan nutella, strawberries and bananas will have to take the cake.

Knock Knock

You cannot miss out on the waffles or the coffee, so if you're feeling rather adventurous, we'd suggest that you order them both and have yourself a tiny fiesta. There are a ton of other dishes and vegan alternative food available at Nut & Bowls that we love and have made us develop a soft corner in our hearts fir the eatery. Do try the zoodles in napolitana sauce, basil pesto pasta, mixed berry bowl, protein bowl and the deep dark chocolate cheesecake.

Location: M 70, Ground Floor, M Block, Greater Kailash 2 (GK 2), New Delhi

Delhi has an array of places for the millennials to chill at but if you’re looking for a place which slants towards a refined set-up, we’ve got news!

Meet The Grammar Room here in Mehrauli- an all-day dining space that was born out of a mutual love for grammar, food and coffee! When here at TGR, you can choose from a selection of the board games, swing the hours with a book or two, all while sipping on craft cocktails and artisanal coffee.

A sun-soaked glasshouse during the day with a forest-view to keep your eyes company and a cozy moon-drunk spot in the evening, drop by The Grammar Room for an affair to remember.

The Vibes & Deets!

As you step in, you’d find the interiors of the The Grammar Room to be synonymous with cosy, homely, and alluring!

They have sprawling windows which invite ample sunlight to drench the space and with a green space, it gives you a break from the crowded cafes in Delhi. Think French windows, white walls with modern art, floral cushions thrown around and textured floors!

When talking about the grubs at TGR, we can never stop gushing about them because this cafe makes sure to drive into a gastronomic frenzy! Known for their brekkie offerings, the menu is compact but packs a punch even on the choosiest of all palates.

From the menu, go for their Tartine variants, Shrimp Benedict Brioche, Katsu Chicken Sandwich and wash it all down with their Raspberry Sorbet Spritzer and Hibiscus GnT.

They have vegan options too and if you’re not looking to binge on a lot of unnecessary calories, go for their fresh juice and shakes to keep tires away from your tummy.

But a foodie or not, you’ve gotta try The GR Pancakes, which has garnered a cult following on its own! Take your pick of toppin or syrup and these ‘clouds’ mel in your mouth. An absolute stunner, you need to order these to seal the deal here.

Knock Knock

So if you’re looking for a place to fix up a date, TGR is the place for you because it has conversation-starters at every nook of it. Be it the food options, beverage menu, music or the ambiance, The Grammar Room will always make you wanna stay a little longer.

Location: One Style Mile, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Timings: 10 am – 12 midnight

Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.)

What comes to your mind when you hear Bengali food? We're sure that you're thinking of fish and rice, yet Bengali cuisine is so much more than just machhar-jhol & bhaat. Bengali cuisine is full of delicious delicacies that are extremely hard to find elsewhere in the world. The use of strong aromatic spices and bold combination is what makes Bengali cuisine so interesting.

One of the most loved dishes from the cuisine is Kolkata style biryani. Floral, light, aromatic and delicious to the last bite, Kolkata style biryani has a special place in every bongs heart. If you're looking to try some for yourself, Kolkata Biryani House in CR Park Delhi, is exactly where you need to be.

Eggs, potatoes, meat and magic

While the people of Delhi have their own familiar and loved version of Biryani, the Mughlai style of biryani, which is rich, floral and delicious. Yet, we should always be open to trying new things and the Kolkata Biryani is just what you need to broaden the horizons of your palate.

The most interesting thing about the Kolkata style biryani is its use of potatoes and boiled eggs in the recipe. But don't get confused, this is no "aloo pulav" or "egg fried rice", this is authentic biryani with juicy mutton pieces which also happens to have potatoes and boiled eggs in it.

If you think that a vegetable in biryani is the last thing you want to try, well think again! The simple fact of the matter is, when cooked with the delicious spices and the intense flavour of meat is infused in the potatoes. Which makes them a soft, creamy carrier of flavours and a welcome change of texture from the rice and meat.

While the boiled egg, provides for a simple change in the palate as well as the texture and who ever said no to a simple boiled egg.

Why Kolkata Biryani House?

Kolkata Biryani house is the most loved Bengali place in town. It is the favourite of not only locals but Bongs who cannot deny the fact that the dishes here hit them with a rush of nostalgia.

The best part about the biryani served here is that the taste is as close to authentic as you can get in Delhi. The prices are good and the options so many that you'll be spoilt for choices.

Knock Knock

The biryani served here at Kolkata Biryani House, will take you a trip down the lanes of the capital of West Bengal. Eating here is as close to a vacation in Kolkata as you can get and that is exactly why you need to be here and taste the biryani for yourself. Don't let the potato scare you!

Location: Shop 49, Ground Floor, Market 1, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi

Price: Chicken ₹160, Mutton ₹180