Delhi has long been in the battle with air pollution, fighting its way to prevent the health hazards and provide a better quality of life. In these trying times, it is hard to find a ray of sunshine (because smog), however we've finally come across some good news!

Delhiites would be delighted to know that despite the increasing urbanisation, the national capital's green cover has almost doubled in the past 19 years. Though many would say that it is an insignificant increase considering the duration, but it is indeed a glimmer of hope for Delhi's future and its air quality.

What's the update?

According to a recent study, it was noted that since 2001, the green forest cover in Delhi has nearly doubled. Statistically speaking, the green cover in Delhi back in 2001 was recorded at about 151 square kilometres, which has risen to 324 square kilometres in the years between. By 2025, the authorities aim to increase the cover by 25% across Delhi.

In the past 19 years, the entire growth has taken place at a rather steady rate, considering the condition of Delhi's atmosphere and the constant fight against air pollution. To put it simply, trees are the only way out of this mess and we're glad that the city's green cover has increased.

For the future, there are several plans in place. The authorities aim to have plantations alongside the Yamuna river, create new forests in outskirts of the city and to expand forest area by 6,500 hectares in the next five years.

Apart from this, there are several other minor plans that include planting saplings alongside roads and streets in Delhi, to give the city not just a visual makeover, but an eco-friendly one as well.

The spike in the green cover in Delhi is also a result of the fact that the saplings that were planted back in 2001 have blossomed into magnificent trees.

Knock Knock

Though the current air quality may force one to assume that the future for Delhi's air is indeed bleak, it is these bits of hope that push us to keep going forward. In the coming few years, we can expect to see a lot more greenery in the city, and perhaps a decline in the rampant air pollution.

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