FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!
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FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

FuckUp Nights arranged a session at the capital and if you’ve missed it (you shouldn’t have) here are the details of this awe-inspiring event!

What was is it about?

FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!

The event started with the audience sharing about their own failures and it acted as a channel for a much-needed icebreaker.

Everybody was a stranger so this really helped people loosen up while leaving the fear of being judged behind them. The interactive session was followed by a musical performance by the Dehradun Drum Circle and the dance lightened up everyone’s mood.

People were invited to sing, dance, and play the drums themselves, no matter how horrible they were at it. This acted as a confidence-boosting catalyst and helped people further to become comfortable!

Look who’s talking!

There were 3 eminent speakers-

Ramavtar Singh (Shikshantar Andolan), Soumya Dabriwal (Founder, Team Baala) and Ajay Jain (Kunzum Travel Cafe), who conducted the conversational episodes! All the speakers shared how series of failures helped them to find a purpose and how they are enjoying life after overcoming severe difficulties.

FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!

Mr Ramavtar left school (which he calls a walkout and not a dropout) because he didn’t feel that the school was teaching him anything of importance. Then after getting associated with Barefoot College (who don’t select people based on a degree but on skills) and then he started teaching the skills he had at various villages.

However, he was struck with an eye-opening moment when his mentor, who was a hardcore Gandhian- asked him what he had learned from the villagers since learning is a two-way concept. He realised that he had failed as a teacher as he didn’t have any solid answer to that!

This helped him change and now he is all about growth. Now he works with Shikshantar Andolan which is about rethinking education, unschooling, and self-designing of people.

Soumya’s first failure was to choose Maths Hons and opting for LSR. Soon she realized that it wasn’t what she wanted to do and decided to go to London and study Economics.

Her plan was to ace her first year academically and then intern at a major company like KPMG or Goldman Sachs. However, once again her perfect plan turned out to be a failure when she realised that none of the companies actually wanted her.

Then she returned to Delhi and started some volunteering work to keep herself busy and obviously to find a path! 2 kms away from her house she worked in a firm and discovered that girls there would take leave from school for a few days every month.

On digging deeper into the matter, she found that the problem was their menstrual cycle. Soon, she returned to London and after finishing her 2nd year, she visited Ghana, again as a part of another volunteering project.

There she found that the girls weren’t visiting schools for the same reason. The same problem she found 2 kms away from her home, also existed more than 8000 kms away.

Soumya realised that it was a universal problem. Girls would use unhygienic methods like rags instead of sanitary pads. So she returned to India and started to live in a village at Haryana to help out the girls living there! Her parents disapproved of her actions and considered her their failure.

After 6 months of research in Haryana, Soumya found that the major reason behind the problem was that most families couldn’t afford to buy sanitary pads on a regular basis. So she returned to Delhi, researched and developed a solution to increase the longevity of the pads but she couldn’t find the correct material to absorb the flow.

So she went to shops all over Delhi trying different clothes and materials which would work as a solution! After a series of 9 months of devastating failures, she finally developed the product which would work for 2 whole years. Now project Baala has successfully reached out to 35,000 women and continues to grow.

Ajay Jain (or as he prefers, AJ) started out as an Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering- now Delhi Technological University.

FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!

But that wasn’t meant to be since he ended up completing his masters in Journalism, 10 years later from UK. Going into his first job, AJ was hell bent on changing the country. He wanted to redefine journalism with his unique style and bold ideologies.

Constant rifts with the management and editors forced him to quit and start a student-run publication of his own. This magazine had a voice. College students would write their hearts out on topics ranging from sports and politics and people loved what they read.

The circulation was good and so was the content but he soon ran out of money. A series of such failures are what lead AJ to start his travel blog- The Kunzum Travel Mag! Blogging was a natural progression for Ajay and since he had always been fond of photography & travelling, he was able to successfully form a name for him in the field.

What did we like?

FuckUp Nights was an awe-inspiring event for every startup lover!

The event got over at 10 pm and everybody was given the option to go back home if they wanted to. But most people stayed over to socialize, network, dance, or booze – whatever they wanted to do basically!

The night ended on a high note with singing, dance and a beautiful performance with a hand drum from Switzerland that sounded nothing less than a dreamy melody! The next time FuckUp Nights is here, make sure that you do attend this session to know more about other people and life in general so that you can make a better-informed decision!