Garden House Cafe & Health Kitchen: Now binge eating won’t be a cheat day!

High on Taste, low on calories & pocket-friendly – It is said that this combination doesn’t exist anywhere but your mom’s kitchen. And when you’re eating out, any meal that ticks 2 of the 3 boxes is generally considered a pretty darn good meal.

So imagine our surprise when we found a cafeteria nestled in the posh, busy and oh so beautiful Shahpur Jat Village where all these 3 elements fall right into place.

Who should visit the Garden House Cafe & Health Kitchen?

Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen
Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen
Garden House cafe & health kitchen
Garden House Cafe & Health Kitchen
Garden House cafe & health kitchen
Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen

Garden House Cafe takes pride in the fact that all their meals are prepared keeping in mind the fitness conscious calorie counter but does not compromise on the taste while doing so. In fact, for someone who is not into gym and fitness, you won’t even notice the difference between the food at Garden House and at your favourite cafe. And for someone who is a fitness fanatic, we honestly can’t think of any place better.

Their main course was as good as it gets and the textures & flavours were absolutely on point. The hummus and pita that we had was towards the bland side and could use some improvement. We’d say the same for the cappuccino as well.

Our favourite part?

The ambience. Period.

As good as the food was, the overall feel of the place combined with the soft, 90’s music playlist absolutely stole our hearts.


Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen
Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen
Garden House Cafe & Health Kithchen

Be warned, the delectable menu may trick you to order more than you can eat! With grilled meats and veggies, protein boxes, salads, coffee, muesli, granola bowls, eggs, hummus and pita on the offer, your fitness conscious friend will not be disappointed.

We’d give the food an overall 7.5/10 and the ambience a solid 10. The service is top notch as well and there’s a tiny device on every table which makes a waiter appear with the press of a button.

Cost for two – Rs. 700 (You also get a 10% discount if you review them on Zomato so don’t forget to do that!)

P.S. The cafe is new and has a relatively poor Zomato listing with not the best pictures. DON’T let that stop you from checking this place out because trust us if you go there once, there is no way you won’t go again.

Pro tip: Parking is a bitch in Shahpur Jaat and finding the place is relatively easier if you take a cab and enter the location directly.

Price for two– ₹600

Location– 251-Gora Designer Lane-2, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi, Delhi 110049

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