Get the Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe BURGERS here in Delhi!

Get the Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe BURGERS here in Delhi!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Who doesn't love a good ol' burger, a juicy patty wrapped in a fluffy bun, layered with fresh toppings and smothered with in a tangy sauce and cheese. The stuff of our dreams. And when you add to it, the fun of being named after global stars, we've got to try one! Cafeteria and co in Delhi has brought us these delicious star burgers that are named and crafted after our favourite celebrity.

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Present at Hudson lane and Satyaniketan, Cafeteria and Co is a known name is Delhi. Famous for serving delicious grub that is rightly priced and crafted with perfection, they are know to serve some of the most amazing dishes you'll find in the city, especially at the given price point.

The cafe has been wooing the city with their quirky dishes, but what your crazy mind needs to try here are the awesomesauce "star burgers". These burgers have been inspired and named after famous celebrities that have become a global phenomenon and a part of our lives.

From the king of pop Michael Jackson, football legend Lebron James, the Godfather of Hollywood Al Pacino, to the queen of the entire world and all our hearts- Beyonce and POTUS Donald Trump. The eatery a burger for them all!

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Not just that, the burgers also represent the celebrities personality or borrows from their habits. The Beyonce burger, owing to queen Bey's southern heritage is uber spicy and doused with a ton of hot sauce, the Hom Hanks burger is and ode to Forrest Gump- patty made out of shrimps and fish while the burger is served with a classic cheese sauce.

Most of these burgers come as star shaped buns and star shaped patty, while some like the Al Pacino come with the classic round bun. All the burgers are fresh made and served with a side of extra sauce and fries.

Get the Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Donald Trump and Marilyn Monroe BURGERS here in Delhi!

So no matter what you're looking for a vegan burger or a lamb patty- Lebron Jame style, at Cafeteria and Co you are sure to find it all!

We would also recommend other specialities such as- accidental shrimp and chips- a twist to the classic beer battered deep fried classic 'Fish and Chips', Keema fries, Jamaican jerk chicken Pizza, mix berries and cream cheese French crepes, Penne in sun dried tomato and mozzarella sauce and bell pepper-beans, chicken and cheese hard shell Tacos.

So the next time you're at any of the two locations, order yourself a star burger and enjoy eating like your favourite celebrity!

Cafeteria and Co: Moti Bagh-Satyaniketan, Hudson Lane- Vijay Nagar