Good news Delhi: Government approves sports complex in Najafgarh

Good news Delhi: Government approves sports complex in Najafgarh

Delhi’s Najafgarh will soon have an international level sports complex, complete with a number of facilities for athletes.

The sports complex will have international level cricket ground, football field, basketball court, synthetic athletic tracks, jogging track, swimming pool and various other indoor facilities. Making the sports complex one of a kind for West Delhi, which lacks in such infrastructure.

Delhi’s Transport Minister, and representative of the Najafgarh constituency, Kailash Gahlot, confirmed the same with a tweet on Wednesday.

The complex will also be a sigh of relief and answer to the prayers of the people of Haryana, who don’t have access to any sports facility. The only sports complex in the area is a small staduium in Najafgarh that is shared by 8 government schools. The ultra modern sports facility will be spread across 18-acres of land in Kair village and would be easily accessible through the bus depot or the Dhansa-Najafgarh road. Making it easier for the sportspeople in the area to practice their craft and hone their skills.

The sports complex will also have indoor facilities like, badminton, boxing, wrestling, kabaddi, table tennis and a plethora of others. Which means that our sports people who often- and validly so, complain about the sports facilities will have something that they can rely on for the first time. Which in turn means that they would be better prepared for international-national matches.

Good news Delhi: Government approves sports complex in Najafgarh

The complex was approved after the Directorate of Education (DoE) pointed out that there was no such existing infrastructure in the said area and existing infra could not cater to the sports need of Najafgarh and the nearby rural areas.

Hence, the sports center becomes extremely important if not necessary for the overall growth and progress of the students as well as sportspeople.