Hailstorm and rains  in Delhi  to  bring relief from polluted air once again

Hailstorm and rains in Delhi to bring relief from polluted air once again

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

After witnessing heavy rainfall on Monday and Tuesday last week, Delhi may soon see some more rainfall and hail storms, in several areas. Though Delhiites know how to have fun in the rains, the bone chilling temperatures that come with it are meant to be avoided by spending your time indoors.

Hailstorm and rains  in Delhi  to  bring relief from polluted air once again
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Today, the meteorological department announced that light showers and mild winds could likely shroud Delhi on Thursday, January 31 and Friday, February 1. They went on to say that some of the more isolated parts of the city could even see heavy hail storms on the same days, which is an oddity at this time of the year.

As for temperatures, Wednesday, January 30, saw temperatures that were four degrees below the average temperature- a bone chilling 5.2 degrees Celsius. Additionally, less inhabited areas of the city are still experiencing the cold wave and the rains could bring them some relief. As per the met department, the minimum temperature of the city could slightly rise due to the upcoming light showers.

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Another issue that should be brought to light is the fact that on Wednesday, Delhi witnessed an Air Quality Index of approximately 327 which comes under the ‘very poor’ category. On Monday however, Delhi still had a relatively less AQI that came under the ‘poor’ category. According to officials at the meteorological department, the rise in AQI was seen due to the substantial amount of moisture that remained in the air following last week’s showers. Citizens of densely populated areas in Delhi were keenly awaiting the light showers as it would invariably bring down the AQI to the ‘moderate’ category.

Weather forecasts for Delhi suggest rains on Friday and partly sunny skies for Saturday and Sunday. The upcoming week will also see mostly clear skies apart from February 7, which is seen to show a forecast of light drizzle. The reason given by authorities for the inconsistent rains is the heavy snowfall that places at higher altitude are witnessing. They have stated that snow and wind from those areas are pushing the clouds down to these cities.