Haphazard Parking & Encroachment: Civic bodies in Delhi to decongest 61 major metro stations

Haphazard Parking & Encroachment: Civic bodies in Delhi to decongest 61 major metro stations

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Delhi government plans to decongest the bottle neck of all jams and road blocks in the city. Civic bodies have identified 61 metro stations that are the source of inconvenience to people. The plan is to unclog roads surrounding these metro stations for a smoother and better commute.

What is the Update?

The parking and congestion problem near entry and exit points of most metro stations is not an unknown fact. E-rickshaws, autos, cycle rickshaws cram the already crowded roads, leading to very little to no space being left for the traffic to move smoothly. Any are that is left by vehicles is occupied by street vendors and kiosks, further clogging the roads. The government is aiming to resolve this to deal with the increasing traffic issue of the city.

Haphazard Parking & Encroachment: Civic bodies in Delhi to decongest 61 major metro stations

The Facts

Delhi government, in attempts to make roads in Delhi congestion free, has formed three panels in each of the three Municipal Corporations. Each of these panels will have a member from DDA, PWD, DMRC, traffic police, local police, traffic department and other corporations.

Together they are supposed to draw out specific plans related to each area and its traffic problem. These teams are to develop “multi-modal transport integration system” that will help in smooth movement of vehicles. This integrated system will chalk-out the lanes for parking of e-rickshaws, taxis, buses and autos. It will also specify pick-up and drop-off points for private vehicles and other public transport.

The plans are expected to focus majorly on yellow, blue and red lines as they experience major footfall.

Whom does it benefit?

Unclogging the roads will prove to beneficial for people travelling through metros or looking for public transportation. It will also make sure that the traffic moves easier in the city. This will in-turn make life easier for any one travelling through these routes.

Why is it important?

The parking and congestion issue near metros has gone unchecked for quite long. Encroachment of the public space by vendors selling balloons, flowers and food, has made the broad roads shrink in their size. Which has made it very difficult for traffic to move along the city smoothly.

Bringing out a plan to rid the roads of all the unnecessary encroachment and parking space will make the flow traffic smoother and the lives of commuters much easier.

Knock Knock

Making your way though the crowd outside the metro stations is an experience on itself. The expected multi-modal transport integration system will effectively counter these issues and ease the vehicular flow of the city. This will also make the ride to and fro from metros much easier.