Heavy rainfall and  hailstorm expected in Delhi NCR, again!

Heavy rainfall and hailstorm expected in Delhi NCR, again!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Light rainfall and strong winds lashed Delhi NCR on Thursday morning. The weather department on Wednesday, 13th Feb, predicted the same with strong chances of a hailstorm. These weather conditions are expected to remain the same today as well, with good chances of a thunderstorm. The murky weather is expected to give way, to a brighter Saturday.

What's the update?

Several Valentine’s plans were cancelled and people got drenched during their commute, when it started raining last morning. The weather suddenly took a turn for worse and the skies were covered in clouds while cold winds raged across the entire National Capital Region (NCR).

Several areas in the NCR have already suffered from hailstorm and the weather department has predicted a similar weather for today as well. The weather department recorded a 1.3 mm of rainfall on Thursday, also predicting hailstorm later in the day.

The Facts

Indian Meteorological Department’s ‘All India weather summary and forecast bulletin’ reported that the western disturbances have lead to the severe weather conditions. The bulletin said that the same disturbances along Pakistan border have caused “scattered to fairly widespread rain or snow with isolated hailstorms over western Himalayan region and rain or thundershowers and isolated hailstorm over northwestern plains in India ”.

The bulletin also said that the weather is likely to remain the same for the next 24 hours and it is very likely that a fresh onslaught of rain and thunderstorm will affect the Northern Plains from February 18 to February 20.

The National Capital region and most of the northern plains will also experience strong winds reaching from 30-40 km/h to a gusting wind speed of 50 km/h.

People planning to travel through the Indira Gandhi International Airport might have to face delays and diversions as the thunderstorms will surely affect flight movements.

Several flights have already been diverted from the IGI Airport, domestic flights have especially been affected. Airline giant Indigo has announced a fresh schedule for the entire month of February seeing the same.

So if you have a flight from or to Delhi today or in the next few days, it would be provident to check and re-check your flight for timings or check with the airline for any delays and cancellations.

Knock Knock

The weather conditions are likely to worsen or remain the same for today. Saturday and Sunday might have clearer skies but strong wind is predicted for the weekend as well. A fresh thunderstorm is expected to lash out coming Monday.

So it would be advisable to plan accordingly and carry an extra layer of clothing and an umbrella for caution.