Here are 5 sports that you can enjoy at Yamuna Stadium, Delhi

Here are 5 sports that you can enjoy at Yamuna Stadium, Delhi

The summers are almost upon us and if you want that summer bod in the most fun way possible, a few trips to Yamuna Stadium, Delhi is all you need. It's the perfect place to play a variety of sports with your friends, hone your skills and get in shape. Here’s five of the best sports (apart from cricket) that you can play at the stadium. All the facilities here are world class and the stadium also hosted the Commonwealth Games back in 2010.


Everyone plays badminton in the small gullies next to their houses. But at Yamuna Stadium, there’s a couple of world class wooden badminton courts for you to run around in. Grab a couple of friends and get busy because once you’re done playing, you can even have a refreshing shower at the locker rooms. Apart from that, the stadium also has a couple of coaches who will be more than happy to give you a few tips.


One of the most tiring sports that you will ever play is also the best way to stay in shape. This engaging sport will have you sweating like a pig and once you’re good at it, you can dazzle your friends with your supreme reflexes. The squash court is completely in line with international standards and the stadium offers you a 30 minute play time. What must be kept in mind is that you’ll have to bring in your own racquets- and company.


During the summers, there’s nothing more relaxing than a swimming pool with cold water. Head down to the Olympic size pool with a couple of friends to have a gala time and blow off the steam. The pool is very secure and the authorities have made it a priority to ensure that everyone’s integrity remains intact. In case you’re a learner, the trainers here will guide you and you’ll be swimming like a pro in no time.


Another racquet sport joins the list with tennis. Yamuna stadium is home to three tennis courts for all the enthusiasts. A synthetic court, a clay court and a mini court for kids. The best part about the clay court is that it is completely free and you can play well into the night because of the night lights. Apart from that, there is also a practice wall so that players can warm up.

Hockey and Football

To engage yourself in some immersive team sports, Yamuna Stadium has got you covered. They have a small sized hockey feild that also doubles up as a 7-side football feild. Grab your squad and head down because the fields here are completely in line with international standards. In fact, they even have trainers here who are always on the lookout for budding stars, so be sure to get your A-Game on.