India’s largest airport to be built in Greater Noida by 2022

India’s largest airport to be built in Greater Noida by 2022

If you’re a resident of Noida or Greater Noida, there’s special news for you folks. By 2022, a massive new airport will be constructed in the city, and get this, it's going to be the biggest airport in the country by surface area. The new airport is Jewar Airport, which will also be linked to the metro via NMRC’s aqua line. Between February 23-25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone of the airport, after which, construction will begin.

The need for the airport?

The distance between the new, Jewar Airport and the existing IGI T3 airport is around 70 kilometers. For residents of Noida and Greater Noida, the existing airport is too inaccessible. Another reason for going ahead with the project is to assert India’s dominance in the international fora. This not only marks a new era in Indian history but also heralds a more technologically advanced age.

India’s largest airport to be built in Greater Noida by 2022

This airport will take off some air passenger traffic burden away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Additionally, it is estimated that this new airport will be built to handle 50 million passengers per year.

The Details

The Jewar Airport project was approved by the Aviation Ministry back in June 2015. After three years, the foundation stone is finally being laid and the project is scheduled to be complete by 2022. Additionally, the cost of the project is expected to be around 3.1 billion USD, a massive amount in itself. The Jewar airport will be connected to the metro with NMRC’s Aqua Line that runs from Noida to Greater Noida.

The project is being headed by a public-private partnership, meaning that a lot of big players are involved in the project. Upon completion, the airport will be a massive 2200 acres. Also, the airport will be equipped with complete state of the art facilities, and world-class amenities.

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