It’s bad news for Delhiites; auto rickshaw fares to rise

It’s bad news for Delhiites; auto rickshaw fares to rise

Localites will be disappointed to know that the fares for auto rickshaws may substantially rise in the coming days. Delhiites are well aware that auto rickshaws are like the lifeline of the city. Though the metro is convenient for long distance travels, auto rickshaws provide a means of transport from the metro station to your destination. On an average, a Delhiite uses the auto rickshaws at least 3-5 times a day, making it a crucial part of the national capital.

The move comes after the transport authority Delhi made a decision to make auto rickshaws, private buses and private taxis more expensive than before. Most likely, the move will be implemented in the next two weeks, so hold on to that spare change.

It’s bad news for Delhiites; auto rickshaw fares to rise

Currently, the auto drivers charge ₹25 for the first two kilometers and ₹8 for subsequent kilometers. As per the revised rules, the fare for the first two kilometers will remain the same while fares for following kilometers will be increased by ₹2, making it ₹10. Additionally, bus fares will increase by ₹5, meaning that tickets will start at a price of ₹10. Apart from this, authorities may decide to add waiting fares as well, in addition to the fare of the distance covered.

The reason that auto drivers and bus agencies have given for this price hike is that the price for fuel and spare parts for autos and buses have risen by 300-400% in the past 10 years. Since the fares had not been revised for a long time, they decided to take a stand. They have gone on to state that the increased earnings would make it easier for them to provide better services to commuters.

Back in 2013, the auto rickshaw fares were revised while the fares for DTC and Blueline buses were changed in 2009. Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal had approved the move to change prices in 2018 and it will be implemented soon.