Krishna Nagar Market in East Delhi goes vehicle free

Krishna Nagar Market in East Delhi goes vehicle free

Krishna Nagar market has once again opened its doors to shoppers in Delhi.

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

If you're a Delhiite and a shopaholic, then you would be delighted to know that Krishna Nagar Market in Delhi has finally become a vehicle free, pedestrian only market. Prior to this, a few other markets underwent this conversion and the response was overwhelming.

Now that Krishna Market is completely pedestrian friendly, you guys can go ahead and shop till you drop, without worrying about someone honking their horn right at you.

What's the update?

Krishna Nagar Market in East Delhi goes vehicle free

On Monday, Krishna Nagar market once again opened its doors to shoppers from all over Delhi. Visitors to the market were surprised to note the lack of vehicles and enjoyed a full day of shopping and fun, simply because of the fact that vehicles are no longer permitted in the main market.

The Lal Quarter stretch in Krishna Nagar underwent a much needed overhaul. The stretch has been given a whole bunch of new street furniture, flower pots, benches, marking lines and fancy lights at regular intervals for all to see.

This 1.5 kilometer stretch is the one that has become motor vehicle free. In fact, the Lal Quarter road also has some of the best and most prominent shops in the area, so chances are pretty high that you'll go here. At intervals, there are guards to ensure that there are none who flout the rules.

What about parking?

Krishna Nagar Market in East Delhi goes vehicle free

This was one of the most herculean tasks that the authorities had to undergo. Earlier, Krishna Market was a spot for many traffic jams and chaos, simply because of the rampant illegal parking at the side of roads.

Now that the market is pedestrian friendly, visitors will have to park their vehicles at nearby parking lots or parking towers that are coming up quickly. A short walk to the market will ensure a clean and fun filled shopping experience.

Knock Knock

Delhiites are known for their love of shopping- especially at places such as Krishna Market. Now that the market is going to be free of the chaos created by the vehicles, we can once again think of paying it a visit after a long, long time. It is only a matter of time that other marketplaces also follow suit and go the pedestrian friendly way, and honestly, we're eagerly looking forward to that.