Mandatory things to do in your first month in Delhi

Mandatory things to do in your first month in Delhi

Arushi Kashyap

New in the city? Here are some ground rules:

  1. Don’t call it Delhi, it is DILLI.
  2. Ask for that one last gol gappa.
  3. Use the Metro, escape traffic like a pro.
  4. Buy a guidebook that lists all the Hindi swear words in case you don’t swear (good luck with that).

Now that you’re aware of the rules, here are all the typical Dilli things that you can do

Mandatory things to do in your first month in Delhi

Seriously, get that picture. Go there one fine evening, slip a 20 to the annoying photographer who would ask for 50 rupees (you’ve been warned). Stand tall, smile wide, CLICK!

Get off at Khan Market, Mandi House, Janpath or Udyog Bhawan, take an auto towards India Gate, absorb it’s striking beauty and then, go chill in the park and eat ice cream which is 5 rupees more than the MRP.

Shopping!! Janpath, Sarojini – Save Blow some money!

Mandatory things to do in your first month in Delhi

Don’t tell us you were planning on buying stuff from a mall. As great as branded stuff is, you need to know there isn’t one Dilliwala who hasn’t bought anything ever from Sarojini or Janpath. Be it jewellery, clothes, bags, shoes, buying things at such a cheap price gives you a different kind of high altogether.

But make sure your bargaining game is on point or you would be called by a specific word that starts with a C. Janpath lies on the Violet line but you can get off at Rajiv Chowk and walk the distance, get to Sarojini, get off at INA (yellow line) and take an auto to the market.

Foodies! Look here!

Mandatory things to do in your first month in Delhi

You wouldn’t be considered a true foodie if you haven’t had mutton from Karim’s in Old Delhi, chicken from Bhape Da Hotel in CP, chaat from Prabhu Chaat Bhandar in Khan Market and chole bhature from Chache Di Hatti in Kamla Nagar.

We can go on listing places for street food, dhabas and restaurants and it might take me years.

That’s the best part about Delhi, foodies will never be disappointed. After all, There’s a reason we call Delhi the food capital of the country.

Get on that HOHO bus

HOHO bus
HOHO bus

If you  feel like exploring the historic lineage and beauty Delhi has to offer, pick a day when the weather’s great and hop on the famous HOHO bus by booking it from here:

Charge your camera to the max and set off on an expedition of looking at the monuments made by the Mughals, the Museums Delhi has to boast about, the temples, the mosques, the streets and fall in love with this beautiful city!

Put on your dancing shoes and go to an actual party in Delhi

Social Hauz Khas
Social Hauz Khas

Contrary to popular belief, Delhi is as fun in the night, as it is pretty in the morning. And if you’re someone who can’t stop dancing until the music stops, all you gotta do is put on your party clothes and head to the liveliest part of the city; Connaught Place.

With numerous places like Excuse Me Boss, My Bar Headquarters, Teddy Boy, Junkyard Cafe, Kitty Su, etc.,  you will never actually get tired of partying. Ever.

Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is-

Delhi is a full-blown package. Looking for serenity? You’ll get it here. Looking to celebrate? Check. Food? Don’t even get me started on that!

You’ll never really feel out of place in this large city because whatever you are – a foodie, an Instagram model, a poet, a painter, a musician, Delhi will adapt according to you. And make you want to come back every time you’re away.

Be warned, it’s a trap.