McDonald’s outlets in Delhi- NCR are shutting down for a fortnight

McDonald’s outlets in Delhi- NCR are shutting down for a fortnight

A total of 165 outlets in North and East India will be shut down

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory


When you think burgers, french fries and fast food- the first place that often comes to mind is McDonald’s, and for a good reason. McDonald’s has been around since our childhood and with so many memories attached to it, there’s no way that we can stand the store closing down for two weeks. Yes, you read that right, in Delhi and cities in North and East India, McDonald’s outlets will be closed for 14 days.

McDonald’s outlets in Delhi- NCR are shutting down for a fortnight

This comes after McDonald's India acquired Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt Ltd (CPRL) on Thursday when the firm completed a settlement reached with former joint venture partner Vikram Bakshi.

The development assumes significance as it ended a dispute with its joint venture partners with whom the firm had formed the CPRL, which managed the McDonald's outlets in North and East India with 165 outlets.

In 2017, the food service retailer ended the franchise agreement with CPRL over non-payment of royalties which resulted in a legal battle. Lately, reports had emerged that the two partners were trying to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Accordingly, the firm has decided to temporarily close McDonald's restaurants in North and East India to conduct a comprehensive assessment of operational protocols and employee training.

"The existing managers and crew will continue to be employed during this temporary closure and will be actively involved in activities to re-open the restaurants," the statement read. According to McDonald's, the transfer of ownership and management is effective immediately. Robert Hunghanfoo has been appointed Head of CPRL, now owned by MIPL and its affiliate.

"During the transition, MIPL will be focused on two key areas - providing employees with clarity and confidence in their future at McDonald's and leveraging McDonald's global system expertise to fortify high operating standards for our local customers," the statement read.

Though residents of Delhi have several other fast food options to choose from, it still comes as a disappointing piece of news. At any rate, residents of Delhi have it better than citizens of other cities owing to the plethora of options.

At its core, this move is nothing but a small dent and 14 days are bound to pass by real quick. Until then, fans of McDonald’s will have to make do with the next best thing.