Meet renowned photographer Divyansh Madaan, Founder & CEO of DMAD!

Meet renowned photographer Divyansh Madaan, the Founder and CEO of DMAD- the guy who is going places (literally) and read on to find out why he is unstoppable!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Divyansh had travelled from his hometown Rohtak, to his college in South Delhi and couldn’t wait to start off his new lease of life while standing there at the gates at 7:30 AM.

Standing inside the campus of CVS (College of Vocational Studies), Divyansh repeated his question in front of his college seniors, “how do I get to the Union?” and two years down the line, he was elected as the Cultural President of the college.

The Inception

Meet renowned photographer Divyansh Madaan, Founder & CEO of DMAD!

His first day at CVS

Hailing from a place like Rohtak (Haryana), it wasn’t a cakewalk for Divyansh to make it this far.

Having been rejected by DU once in 2013, Divyansh pledged to take another shot at it as he realised how much he wanted to bail out from B.Com Hons! By a stroke of luck, Divyansh finally made it to CVS and now nothing could stop him from pursuing his real calling- Photography & Marketing!

College Life

Meet renowned photographer Divyansh Madaan, Founder & CEO of DMAD!

When initially Divyansh had entered campus, the vibes from the students blew him away and from that moment onward, he knew that Delhi is the place to be!

Wrapped up in work, Divyansh never had the scopes of socialising like the usual college students. He was already handling 5 college societies and Divyansh didn’t back out from adding 5 internships to his CV as well. He had also bagged a work experience of 13 months and was actively a member of all the organising committees of the college festivals!

ZEPHYR at the Zenith

Meet renowned photographer Divyansh Madaan, Founder & CEO of DMAD!

At the end of his first year, Divyansh sensed a strong inclination towards photography and continued to remain faithful to the photography society of his college- Zephyr!

Even the college principal had no idea that there exists such a society so he ensured that Zephyr didn’t lag behind as ‘just another society.’ With dedication, Divyansh continued contributing to Zephyr.

Just when he thought that this was his peak of success, there came another milestone in his life- an international internship opportunity in Russia.

He had been saving money for an iPhone because of peer pressure but he actually funded his own trip to Russia with that money. Soon he realised that the ultimate value of recognition by work and experiences is much more than a branded cell phone.

The inception of DMAD

Divyansh was flooded with offers from universities like UCD, TCD, Westminster, Manchester and so on but he wasn’t too sure about how he wanted to proceed further after college.

He knew that a corporate job wasn’t his cup of tea and he’d prefer to work in a more relaxed environment. That’s when the DMAD Projects came into play.

8th of August 2014, Divyansh had randomly used the word DMAD as a caption on his picture, which he posted online and since then it stuck on with him. DMAD projects started in July 2017 and it has already created quite a reputation!

Within a year of its existence, Divyansh proudly conducted a mentorship session in CVS and also sponsored his own college fest!

Now, DMAD has 3 verticals

DMAD PROJECTS- The photography section where they deliver the best of photography services and within this short span of time, they have delivered a whopping number of 200+ projects.

DMAD TALKS- The mentorship sphere where they ensure that you get the best of mentors from the industry to help you with future prospects and they have already provided for 14 sessions across Delhi NCR till date!

DMAD NATIONALS- The international internships section where they provide you with a chance to take international trips to learn more about photography! They sent a batch to Russia during the summers of 2018 and they already are selecting 15 people from a list of applicants, who’d be sent out next summer.

This story of Divyansh Madaan is winning our hearts and he is surely an inspiration for those who are trying to find a direction in their lives and careers.

Divyansh is an exemplary example of how we can ideate, execute and conquer everything we set our mind to and even though you might feel the stagnancy, he is proof that life does move along to favour your sails at some point or the other if you’re dedicated enough.

Hats off to this young entrepreneur who is making it large every day.