No relief for Delhi, temperature rise and “loo” predicted for the entire week

No relief for Delhi, temperature rise and “loo” predicted for the entire week

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Delhi’s weather which turned pleasant with the rain and storm last week is now gearing up to literally “raise the temperature” in the city. The temperature yesterday was recorded at 39 degrees Celsius and is predicted to reach 41 degrees Celsius today.

What’s the update?

The temperature in the city is likely to rise because of the absence of any disturbance. The hot northwesterly winds from Rajasthan can be blamed to make the coming week hotter for the city. The week is predicted to be mostly dry and you can expect the condition to bring the signature “loo” or strong hot winds across the Plains.

Is there any relief?

The weather in the city is expected to remain the same, albeit the Western Disturbance approaching the hills. The disturbance is expected to be insignificant in terms of bringing any change to the weather in the city or the areas nearby.

So you can expect the city to be rather hot compared to the last few days.

What to expect?

A significant rise in temperature can be expected to take place across the city. The weather forecast looks grim with highest temperature predictions of today being 41, and 42 for the rest of this week and the lowest at 26 for today and between 26, 28 for the rest of this week. The days will be considerably windy with moderate “loo”.

Readers are advised to stay hydrated and carry an umbrella and electrolytes while traveling.