Noida-Greater Noida’s Aqua Line metro to get parking lots

Noida-Greater Noida’s Aqua Line metro to get parking lots

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Noida-Greater Noida’s metro line is set to have separate parking lots at 10 major metro stations in the area. In order to attract more travellers and make the daily commute a little less hectic, NMRC has decided to introduce parking at 10 metro stations.

What’s the update?

Noida Metro Rail Corporation’s ambitious Noida-Greater Noida Aqua Line metro has brought immense relief to the commuters and improved connectivity in the area. Though the metro line faced a few glitches in the beginning, it has seen a substantial rise in the number of travellers.

 Noida-Greater Noida’s Aqua Line metro to get parking lots

The Facts

The stations include Noida’s Sectors 51, 76, 81 and 101 and Greater Noida’s Sectors 137 and 142, Knowled Park, Pari Chowk, Alpha 1 and Delta. It is also being reported that at each of these metro stations a temporary parking is being arranged from today itself. NMRC expects to hire an independent contractor for the same, but until finalized, these operations are hoped to be carried out by the existing metro staff.

Parking a vehicle at any of these stations will cost you ₹10 for the first six hours for bikes and ₹20 for the first six hours for cars and an additional ₹10 for another two hours. Travellers can also opt for a parking pass which will cost ₹800 for cars and ₹400 for bikes for the entire month.

Whom does it benefit?

These parking lots will help the average 11,000 passengers, who ride through the metro line daily, feels safe about their respective vehicles.

Why is it important?

The parking lots will not only help the average traveller but will also work as an preemptive measure to clear the roads and avoid any traffic issues.

Knock Knock

The Aqua line metro will prove to be Noida-Greater Noida’s connectivity life-line, and experience humongous footfall in coming days. In such a scenario, designated parking lots can help solve a lot of future issues including traffic, vehicle safety and encroachment. Let’s hope that rest of the stations on the metro line get their own parking lots soon.