Now get notified in case of train delays with Indian Railways' new SMS service

Now get notified in case of train delays with Indian Railways' new SMS service

This could just be what we needed to combat the issue of delayed trains and flights during the winters

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory


After preparation of the chart, travellers will get messages for the following-

  • Confirmation of reservation for RAC and waiting list passengers.

  • Train rescheduling of more than 20 minutes.

  • In case the train is cancelled or delayed by over an hour.

  • Diversions and short terminations in case of technical faults.

  • When passengers are near their final destination.

With the winters approaching us, we can safely say that the dense fog is around the corner. Fog is often the most dreaded aspect of the winters each year as it is notorious for delaying flights and trains across the entire country.

In Delhi, matters are often worse than in other parts of India and that's why the Indian railways have come up with a way to alert people when their trains are late. Passengers will soon be sent SMS alerts on their smartphones in case trains are delayed by more than an hour. Convenient right?

What's the update?

During the winters, travelling to and from the city becomes quite a chore, especially by trains or flights. However, with this new SMS alert facility, Delhiites can be free of worries. The SMS alert will be sent to all passengers in case a train is delayed more than an hour. This is a step in the right direction and comes as a great benefit for travellers.

As per the recent surveys, Indian railways trains have become a lot more punctual than before. Last year, only around 56% trains arrived on time, but this year, that figure has jumped by 17%, making the total number of punctual trains to almost 71%.

Other rules that have been put in place

Now get notified in case of train delays with Indian Railways' new SMS service

Apart from just sending texts to travellers, Indian Railways is also coming up with new plans to ensure that trains remain on time during the foggy winters. One such plan is to have the trains running at a relatively slow speed of 75 kilometers per hour to ensure safety of passengers.

In addition to these safety measures, they've also got fog safety devices which give the locomotive pilots audio-visual cues at a signal post. These have been equipped in all trains across the Northern Railway network to ensure that the trains slow down well in advance, while approaching a signal.

Knock Knock

Over the past few years, the issue of fog leading to low visibility, has grown into a big problem. Trains and flights often get delayed, causing inconvenience to travellers from all places.

In such a situation, these changes by Indian Railways could play a massive role in streamlining things during the winters.