Delhi metro card
Delhi metro card

Now use your Metro card to pay for all DTC bus rides in Delhi!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Say NO to cash and enjoy hassle-free ticketing as Delhi Government brings to you a pleasant surprise!

The Passengers of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) and cluster buses will now be able to use their metro smart cards to pay for their bus rides!

The transport minister, Kailash Gahlot declared this news recently. The date for the launch of the ‘common mobility card’ project has finally been regulated after a delay of nearly five months, as this initiative was supposed to start by the 1st of April.

How will it work?

The passenger will have to swipe their metro smart card in the bus and the fare will be automatically deducted after the card has been swiped. Easy right?!

The transport minister stated that he held a “high-level meeting” on Monday to finalise the launch of the service which had already been delayed before.

Kailash Gahlot was also quoted saying, “People will be able to use their metro-cards in all buses of Delhi from August 24. I have directed officers to start advertising campaigns so people are aware of the service.”

Official data

According to official data, the daily average ridership of Delhi Metro is 28 lakh whereas the state-run buses in the city carry around 36 lakh people. It was a much-needed step to integrate the ticketing services to make accountability easier.

These smart cards can be recharged at all metro stations, railway stations, airports, Inter State Bus Terminals (ISBTs) and DTC bus pass counters.

With this feature, travelling in and around Delhi feels like a breeze now.