Run for a cause at Run2Care marathon, Delhi

Run for a cause at Run2Care marathon, Delhi

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

In a country with 2.7 crore disabled people, spreading awareness about the same is very vital. Run2Care, Delhi, will soon be hosting the shortest marathon for exactly that purpose. The event is the first of it’s kind, and all that you have to do, is to run 999 meters in under 45 minutes. Think you’re up to the challenge?

What’s the event?

At its essence, it is a simple marathon with a deep and meaningful reason behind it- to spread awareness about disabilities. They could be physical or mental, but the goal is to get in as many people as possible on the information. The shortest marathon is inspired by the world’s shortest half marathon.

With the event, they wish to keep the tradition of healthy living alive and kicking. They also aim to educate people from all walks of life about the adversities of any kind of disability.

Highlights of the event

After the marathon, there will be talk sessions and interactive sessions. For this, the organizers have got a lineup of some great speakers, thinkers and experts on the issues. The discussions will help the common man in breaking away from stereotypes and common misconceptions that plague the lives of disabled citizens. For the interactive session, the aura will be such that any attendee can grab a mic and speak about their feelings and personal experiences openly.

Who is organizing it?

The 999 meter marathon will take place on February 24, and is being organized by a startup leadership programme, Those In Need and in partnership with a platform to raise awareness about a bunch of issues which goes under the name In For The Cause. Since the marathon is on a Sunday, you won’t have to give up school or work to run for the cause.

The marathon is certainly a step in the right direction. It heralds a more open and approving society and should bring about a necessary change in people’s opinions about disabilities.

Run2Care marathon will be organized on February 24, Sunday. The event will begin from 8 am at DLF Place, Saket. After the marathon, the talks and interactive sessions will go on till 12 pm.