The most popular Indo-Chinese places to visit in Delhi when you crave some Desi Chinese

The most popular Indo-Chinese places to visit in Delhi when you crave some Desi Chinese

Who doesn’t love a good, warm plate of Chinese food. Some nicely fried noodles or maybe a spicy bowl of paneer chilli. You can never say no to “Chinese” honey-chilli potatoes, the gobi manchurian or the deep fried dumplings. We Indians have a habit of desifying everything, be it the Italian Pasta or the Chinese stir fry, we make each dish our own. And like the rest of us bukkhads, if you too have a palate for the best maseledar Chinese, here’s our list of the tried and tested places in Delhi.

A plate of chowmein and dry chicken chilli and deep fried spring rolls, coming right up!

Chinese Veg Crunch

Okay, so Chinese Veg Crunch in Pashchim Vihar is a saviour for all the vegetarians out there. Not only is the joint purely vegetarian, it is also purely ah-mazing. We found some of the crunchiest, most delicious spring rolls here, plus their gobhi manchurian is out of the world. And if you’re a fan of the classic combo, like us, give their paneer chilli and hakka noodles a try, you’ll forget about the joint being vegetarian.

Location: A-4, Shop No-32, DDA Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

Uncle Chef

Uncle Chef is undoubtedly the most loved joint for students and freshers starting their work. They serve some of the yummiest desi Chinese out there and they are affordable AF. Their serving is good enough to fill the empty stomachs of two people and then some more. Our favourite things here are the chili garlic noodle, chicken salt pepper, chicken lollipop and Hong Kong chicken.

Location: 3, Opposite Desh Bandhu College, Krishna Market, Kalkaji, New Delhi


Satyaniketan is the hangout spot for every broke college goer and we all know it. FrenZone is an amazing Indian-Chinese place here and we cannot seem to have enough of them. The crispy honey chicken, the dry-butter toasted-chilli chicken and the fried wonton are our favourite among the plethora of dishes.

Location: 295, Lower Ground Floor, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Papa Veg Corner

Papa veg Corner is yet another saviour for our vegetarian friends and the rest of us that love our Chinese the Indian way. The dishes they serve go beyond your basic vegetarian Chinese, which consists of paneer, chilli and spring rolls stuffed with veggies. They have amped up their Indo-Chinese game with dishes like, broccoli baby corn in ginger sauce, chaap mushroom in hot garlic sauce, stuffed fried veggies and pan fried noodles, and we love all of them.

Location: 15, A-2 Block, CSC, Near Mother Dairy, DDA Market, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi

4S Chinese Corner

We cannot make a list of best desi Chinese Places and not include 4S Chinese Corner, they are real legends when it comes to apna Chinese and affordable alcohol. The joint has made us fall in love with their pepper chicken, crispy honey chicken, masala peanuts, honey chilli potatoes and everything else. You can enjoy their exceptional dishes in a peaceful and comfortable ambience making 4S the perfect hangout spot.

Location: A-26, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi

So what are you waiting for, grab a friend and a plate of crispy wontons and have the best of both worlds with the awesome concoction of Indian and Chinese.