The proposed Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai highway will take you from Delhi to Mumbai in 12 hours

The proposed Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai highway will take you from Delhi to Mumbai in 12 hours

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

On Friday, foundation stone for the Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway and Dwaraka Expressway were laid down. The Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway, is expected to shorten the distance between Delhi and Mumbai, making it possible for people to travel between the two major cities in almost 12 hours.

The construction of Delhi-Vadodara-Mumbai highway has begun. This 8-lane access controlled highway is expected to be a major relief and the lifeline of traffic low between the two major cities. Providing not only a different route but a shorter route than the existing Delhi-Mumbai National corridor, which experiences a heavy flow of traffic. This expressway will help to counter the same.

The Facts

The expressway is expected to cut the distance between the two cities by 150 kms and cost a whopping ₹90,000 core. The e-way, after its completion will be 1,300 kms long and will be constructed in two parts. The first, will connect Delhi to Vadodara while the second will seamlessly connect Vadodara to Mumbai.

Along with the said e-way, foundation was also laid for a 29 km, 8-lane, access controlled, Dwarka expressway which can serve as an alternate connectivity link to NH-8.

When will it complete?

The Delhi-Vadodara expressway will be constructed in five phases and Vadodara-Mumbai expressway in three. The entire stretch of highway is expected to complete by 2022.

Why is it important?

The expressway will not just cut the distance significantly, but will also restrict the excess flow of traffic from the main cities. It will also decongest NH-8 and provide passengers with a much needed alternative for travelling between the two cities. Not only this, the expressway will also cut the distance between Delhi and major cities like Indore, Kota and Bhopal by around 100 kms.

Knock Knock

The completion of this express way is expected to improve traffic flow. Let’s hope that the project completes soon and people get a safer, quicker and less cumbersome travelling alternative, to not just Delhi and Mumbai but to other cities as well.