Aerial view of Gandhi Maidan 
Aerial view of Gandhi Maidan 

The upcoming parking in Delhi’s Gandhi Maidan will ease traffic in Chandni Chowk

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Chandni Chowk has got to be one of the most alluring places in the national capital and is modernizing at a very fast pace. Owing to this, the entire area sees a massive footfall of shoppers, tourists and general history buffs who wish to get a whiff of Delhi 6. One issue that has always plagued this area is the fact that people take their vehicles into the narrow market lanes and disrupt activities. Now, with the help of a new upcoming parking lot at Gandhi Maidan, the parking related issues could become woes of the past.

The upcoming  parking in Delhi’s Gandhi Maidan will  ease traffic in Chandni Chowk

What’s the update?

The NDMC is expected to start work on this parking lot as soon as they can as they have received a green flag from Delhi Urban Art Commission (DUAC). At the same time however, the DUAC has set up several regulations that the NDMC must keep in mind.

According to the DUAC, the height of the parking lot will be reduced from the originally proposed height- 30 meters to 24 meters. Additionally, they also stated that the parking lot should have only four floors rather than five. As of now, the NDMC plans to comply with these demands and begin the work in a week or so.

The Facts

The parking lot itself will be built bang on Gandhi Maidan, making it hard to miss and the perfect place to park your vehicle if you’re visiting Chandni Chowk or other areas in Old Delhi. With four massive floors including a few basements as well, this could well be the end of parking related issues in this part of Delhi.

The upcoming  parking in Delhi’s Gandhi Maidan will  ease traffic in Chandni Chowk

The first basement is said to be used for the parking of vendors in the nearby area and they won’t be charged a fee for parking here. The second basement will mainly be for small trucks that help in transportation of bulk goods. The ground, first and second floors will be used as a space for retail stores and vendors, which is a somewhat surprising move.

The third and fourth floor of the massive structure will house parking spaces for the common people and since the area is huge, the NDMC will employ guards to look after the parking lot and vehicles parked here.

Whom will it benefit?

The new parking lot will not only help visitors and shoppers but also the shopkeepers and vendors themselves. Earlier, these vendors were sceptical about the move as several of them had customers who would always visit the place in their own vehicles. Once the parking lot is complete, they should see a change in the behaviour pattern of the consumers. Additionally, it could also be especially beneficial as the less crowded routes will encourage more visitors to the area.

We feel that this parking lot at Gandhi Maidan Delhi is a step in the right direction and the NDMC should plan on making a few more such structures near highly crowded areas to streamline them once and for all.