This lazy Sunday, pamper yourself at these brunch spots in Delhi-NCR 

This lazy Sunday, pamper yourself at these brunch spots in Delhi-NCR 

Someone has very aptly coined the term: Brunch- a combination of two meals. If you wake up late on a Sunday and are in no mood to decide whether to have breakfast or lunch, just look around and you will find a number of amazing brunch options.

With the winters just around the corner, the prospect of brunch is so much more appetizing- literally and figuratively. The mild sun, the cosy winter ambience and the seemingly leisurely moving clock, make the the perfect setting for a good brunch with friends and family.

So, brace yourselves for a gastronomic treat of astronomic proportions, at these 7 places listed below:

Cafe Knosh

Cafe Knosh ticks all the check boxes for brunching- the cool drinks, the light but filling dishes and upscale ambience. With a menu spanning dishes from all over the world, you have a plethora of drinks and food items to choose from. The main attraction here is the’live over the counter’ food preparation where you can marvel at the chefs’ expertise and customize your food however you please. It is very tastefully decorated with wonderful light tones, making you and your food look highly instagramable.

Cafe Turtle

Having three branches all over the city, Cafe Turtle is a very unique little joint. It caters to the foodie as well as the book worm in you. The walls are adorned with shelves containing hundreds of books for you to browse through, while waiting for your brunch. The cafe has everything to satisfy your taste-buds, from cold coffees to iced teas, from cheese filled sandwiches to low-cal salads and heavy chocolate cakes. Cafe Turtle is completely vegetarian, making everything on the menu 100% organic.

Dirty Apron by The Piano Man

With a casual and comfortable setting coupled with some great vibes and smooth jazz music at Dirty Apron, you won’t want your Sunday to end. As you enter the premises, you will find yourself immersed in the air of sophistication. Sundays just got a whole lot better with Dirty Apron’s unique Eurasian dishes along with some signature cocktails that will surely incite a blast of flavour in your mouth. The glazed ham slices topped with cinnamon, honey and crushed pepper glaze, Char Siu pork belly, Coal grilled Lemongrass fish are just some of the delectable dishes here.

Yum Yum Cha

Catering to the South East Asian cuisine lover in you, Yum Yum Cha, has some really authentic brunch dishes from Burma, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and even China. Their speciality is the Yum Cha, which means Dimsum in Cantonese. The name, literally translates to ‘Yum Dimsums’, which is definitely not a false claim. Apart from that, they serve non alcoholic mocktails, to perfectly cool you down as you feast on piping hot Asian delicacies with friends and family. Minimally designed interiors paired with aesthetically pleasing decor and great food make it a great choice for a lazy Sunday brunch.

All American Diner

The diner epitomizes everything that is the great American Dream. With a menu filled with classic American dishes such as pancakes with syrup, waffles with chocolate sauce and the classic bacon and eggs, the place is pretty much as American as a bald eagle that screams ‘Freedom!’ The 50’s diner vibe of the place takes one back to the glory days of an era when Elvis was still alive and rocking it. All American Diner is truly a must visit because it is a complete package- great food, amazing ambience and an other worldly feel.

Jugmug Thela

Located away from the hustle bustle of the national capital, Jugmug Thela provides a great option for a peaceful Sunday brunch. Boasting of ‘Artisan Chai and Coffee’ they provide some great alternatives to the age old beverages. Some great things to try here are the flavoured Popsicle that you can enjoy in many flavours ranging from tropical fruits to cinnamon and chilli. If this isn’t enough to grab your attention, well, they offer many club and grilled sandwiches along with sides of freshly baked hand made biscuits, to pamper the foodie within you.

Dhaba by The Claridges

Offering a traditional Indian dhaba vibe, the brunch options are as desi as the decor. If you’re looking for a heavy, wholesome brunch, Dhaba has got you covered. With iconic Indian dishes like ‘Chole Bhature’ and ‘Tandoori Aloo’, the place will surely leave you stuffed to the brim. You can enjoy your meals along with alcoholic beverages as well, making for a pleasant outing with your friends. Everyday, they have a different Chef’s special, making for some exciting surprises if you are a frequent visitor.

Sit back and relax as you no longer have to decide what to make at home on a day you just want to spend lounging around. These brunch spots in Delhi have got your back. Be sure to visit them and spice up your Sunday!