This  motivational speaker enthralled audience at DTU’s Zeal 2.0!

This motivational speaker enthralled audience at DTU’s Zeal 2.0!

Delhi Technological University’s event, ZEAL 2.0 commenced on the 25th of June. This event was much awaited by the students because of the forthcoming intensive merrymaking and they were restless to meet the chief guest, Mr. Onkar Khullar this season.

The students already had an idea about how amazing his session would be because of his previous shows all over the country.

Digital Gandhi a.k.a Onkar Khullar

This  motivational speaker enthralled audience at DTU’s Zeal 2.0!

A renowned TEDx Speaker, Onkar Khullar a.k.a Digital Gandhi made a poignant appearance on the last day of the event.

‘Digital Gandhi’ is as an entrepreneur, breakup guru, ‘Gareebon ka Steve Jobs’ and what not!

Onkar Khullar made a resounding entrance to EDM music. Known for his famous TEDx talk, ‘Power of Breakup’, Digital Gandhi started off by introducing his guru; Johnny Sins. He further shared the valuable lessons he has learnt from the internet sensations like Gormint Aunty, Dhinchak Pooja and many more.

Digital Gandhi brought a full-blown package on the stage which made the students cheer, listen and appreciate.

He also asked a few student volunteers to play cricket, where every ball symbolised different aspects of life: depression, peer pressure, suicide, crush, ex-lover, etc. The most unique of the lot received a medallion that said: “My destiny is sealed but the journey is my choice”.

This  motivational speaker enthralled audience at DTU’s Zeal 2.0!

Winners of every activity wrote their names on a ribbon and tied it on Gandhi’s hand whilst the dramatic title track of ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ played in the background.

Magic tricks will never be the same!

He also used a magic trick to drive home an invaluable lesson. A student was given a card and the audience was required to guess the card. Obviously, since no one knew which card had been given out, no one could guess and Digital Gandhi concluded-

“The answer of your life is within yourself and not with other people.

Fun games, dope music and hysterical laughter combined with serious lessons!

The students also played an all-time favourite game; musical chair albeit with a twist. Onkar also asked everyone to make a train and to go around in circles in order to depict the strength that lies in unity.

He not only imparted invaluable wisdom through music but also made students shake more than just a leg to Punjabi songs like ‘Tunak Tunak Tun’ and so on. Our hearts nearly fell out of our chest but then came another valuable lesson!

Concluding the event on a positive note, he asked every student and the organising committee of the event to do the plank exercise. Whoever stayed put for the longest, won the activity.

Although everyone was concerned when one of the students fainted during the activity, it turned out to be a prank by him and he backed it up with a valuable lesson yet again: YOLO.

Life is too short, you might not know what you will encounter so live each day like it is your last.
Onkar Khullar

Onkar won the students admiration by paying a tribute to Avicci, the 28-year-old DJ who recently had an untimely death. Onkar is insane, unique and does justice to his title: India’s most dangerous speaker!

He made students burst into laughter, dance like no one is watching while managing to teach them life lessons that parents and teachers struggle to achieve. This was one memorable event and imparting such life-lessons so effortlessly and effectively can only make a person smile with veneration.