Types of people we’ve been meeting  in Delhi Metro since 2002!

Types of people we’ve been meeting in Delhi Metro since 2002!

Delhi metro turns 16 today, so here’s looking back to all the kinds of peeps we meet on the daily commute

Delhi is a sweltering hot-pot of culture, ethnicity and backgrounds, that make the people we come across unique in their own little ways,especially when we talk about the Delhi Metro.

Here’s a list of the types of people we have come across during our daily commute since the last 16 years.

The Gatekeepers

Now there are people who, no matter how empty the train is, will not move from one designated position: the door. Even if their destination is 12 stations away, they think it’s their duty to guard the gate. Nothing is going to move this person — not a huge crowd at Rajiv Chowk, not a group of giggly girls trying to enter the train together or a person trying to get off with four bags of luggage.

The Pole Huggers

These people probably take Major Lazer too seriously and their life’s motto is: “All we need is somebody to lean on.” No matter how packed the train is, even if you have no breathing space– it gets absolutely vital for these people to lean on the pole. I mean they completely ignore the fact that there are others on train who fear falling and would also like to hold on to the pole.

The Peepers OR The Spies

‘Respect Privacy’ is a phrase often used and rarely practiced, especially in the Delhi Metro. There will always be that one aunty who, like in real life, would be more interested in reading your text conversations than minding her own business. Because, for them, there is no greater delight than eavesdropping on a conversation between two people you know nothing about!

The Slick Uncles

Every single time you take the metro, you come across these slick uncles, these macho men who are all for defying rules. They very conveniently choose to ignore the multiple blindingly-bright pink stickers plastered on the platform and in the train that say ‘women only’. It probably is their definition of ‘aaj kuch toofani karte hain’, while they get cursed by every woman and get pulled away by the cops. It is their life’s motive to find the women coach/seat and sit in it.

The Groomers OR The Make-up Addicts

These are the compulsive combers; for some undefinable reason, men & women on the metro believe grooming is best done on a packed, fast moving train. It is due to a lack of time or to display ninja skills, these masters of makeup have become experts in putting on kajal and nail paint without smudging or painting out of the lines.

The Sunglasses Dude

Well, every time you board a metro, you’re sure to come across guys wearing SUNglasses (focus on Sun) inside the metro car. Now, they either feel that it is extremely cool to wear suglasses in an underground metro, or they want to stare and not be caught or called out for it.

The Love Birds

Now this is something which makes all the single people either wonder, ‘WHY NOT ME’, or ‘UGH! CAN YOU STOP’. The couple and their intense romance gives Christian Grey and Anastasia a run for their money!

The Big Luggage Person

There is a reason why we don’t call Delhi Metro as ‘Delhi Train’. Sometimes it gets really annoying and absolutely disturbing to have a person move around their 20 bags worth of luggage and act offended when someone trips over them.

The Music Lover

These people are one of the most abundantly spotted people, because apparently stomping on other people’s feet while horrendously singing a number is the only way you make a commute “fun”. These people will not only nod their heads suggestively at everything, but will also be so lost in their world that they won’t hear repeated requests to move away.

We have a love-hate relationship with the metro and the various people that we share our commute with. Yet we are guilty of being at least one of the 9 types (if not all), because it is these people and their quirks that make the tiresome long commute tolerable.