Underground Dustbins in Delhi will now  solve waste management woes!

Underground Dustbins in Delhi will now solve waste management woes!

Parul Agarwal

After pollution, the second severe menace plaguing Delhi is poor waste management or rather a complete lack of it. And to tackle that, the Delhi government has finally installed underground dustbins in 12 different locations.

What makes these underground dustbins different from the normal ones is the sensors they are fitted with. The sensors automatically turn on the alarm in the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) control room, when the dustbin is 90 percent full and someone is immediately directed to clean them.

A survey was held before installing bins in the following areas of the capital - Kerela House, Nehru Park, Khan Market, Diplomat Hotel, Ravindra Nagar, Telengana House, Talkatora Stadium, etc.

The dustbins have separate trolleys for wet and dry waste and also have a lid to cover them, which will prevent them from overflowing. Since the bins are meant to be placed underground, the foul smell from the garbage will not spread and also scavangers and rodents will be kept at bay. These dustbins have been put on the exact same places as the dustbins on the surface. Of course the city will look not only clean but also beautiful if the dustbins are out of sight! 20 more underground bins will be installed in the coming days, as per the order.

The idea of underground dustbins originally came from the European countries, where it has been implemented successfully. They are also currently in use in Dharmashala and Surat. And now Delhi is joining this league. The idea bore results everywhere, and so will surely be a boon for the people of Delhi.

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