Yamuna Cafe at Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi, offers an Instagrammy ambience & food with a river-view!

Yamuna Cafe at Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi, offers an Instagrammy ambience & food with a river-view!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

Nestled cozily in the Tibetan Market of Majnu Ka Tila at Aruna Nagar, Yamuna Cafe is a serendipitous find.

This place serves delicious Indian, Italian and Tibetan cuisines with a menu hoisting some refreshing coffees and pocket-friendly drinks for us to savour.

The Vibe!

The ambiance of the restaurant is simple yet vibrant and has been given a Tibetan touch to complement the menu.

It is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends while gazing at a clean patch of the Yamuna river!

This view can be enjoyed the best on a rainy day with your date to make the setting even more intimate and we are sure that the sumptuous food will steal your date’s heart before you do!

The drinks start at ₹155 and we see no good reason to not this visit this place ASAP! The serene view coupled with homely delicacies makes this place a must visit specially when you’re on a budget yet want to experience the best of the food options available at MKT!

Their selection of fresh baked stuff with tarts and cakes had us drooling too and next time, we won’t leave till we gorge on all the available options here!

What we had?

Margarita pizza- 9/10

Mango booze-7/10

Mushroom sandwich- 8/10

Fries- 5/10

Servings- Pizza and mango booze were enough for two people. They serve 4 pieces of sandwich and one piece is enough for a person because of the heavy fillings.

The service was slow and it was the only factor which was not top-notch!

Margarita pizza with Mango Booze

Margarita pizza with Mango Booze

Visit this dainty 25-seater cafe with your squad to enjoy a view of the Yamuna and the ‘Signature Bridge’ is also visible from their window pane, making it highly Instagrammy.

Where: D-34, East House, Majnu ka Tila, Aruna Nagar, North Delhi, 110054!

Cost: ₹300 for two!

Timings: 8 am - 10 pm