Your next auto ride in Delhi might take a toll on your pocket

Your next auto ride in Delhi might take a toll on your pocket

Let’s face it. Public transport in Delhi is something like the lifeline of the city. Everyday, commuters make use of the metro, DTC buses, autos and e-rickshaws. We’ve always believed that since it's for the public, the prices would be reasonable for all. However, this is set to change. In a new development by Delhi government, they have decided to increase fares of autos across the city.

Why the increase in fares?

The fares for auto rickshaws are being revised in order to get the fare prices in line with the growing fuel prices as well as the increasing maintenance that the autos have to go through. Additionally, the rise in prices could also be alluded to the time that autos have to spend stuck in traffic, thereby expending their fuel and time.

Your next auto ride in Delhi might take a toll on your pocket

What are the increased prices?

The plan for revising the fares has been in the books since November 2018. The present cost of the autos is ₹8 per kilometre and goes up to ₹10. Though the final report is yet to be finalised, details suggest that the initial fare for a kilometer will be increased by a rupee, making it between ₹9 to ₹10.

As of now, the autos are in line to get a price hike and soon, even other modes of transport could see a price hike. Earlier in 2017, the fares for Delhi metro were revised as well, making it somewhat expensive to travel over long distances.

Upon hearing this news, you may have a frown on your face, but it just points toward better auto and public transport services. The change will come as a bane for middle class computers and especially on students, who have to rely on autos after getting of the metro.

We are of the same opinion but they say that every black cloud has a silver lining. This can only mean that the increased fares point towards a more convenient travel experience for commuters across the city.