Ditch western shows and watch these 5  homegrown ones!

Ditch western shows and watch these 5 homegrown ones!

Web series are a good way for most people to sit back with a chilled beer and relax for a while or just to binge watch shows on a lazy weekend.

The connection which we establish with the characters, comes from their real life approach to situations and it makes them relatable AF! That’s why, we have majorly ditched the cliched Indian TV series and switched to the webtertainment life!

The makers of Indian web series have increasingly used this chance to know their audience better and have brought to us some life-like characters and stories that resonate within each one of us. Here we’ve listed some of the best Indian web series on YouTube, Hotstar and Netflix that gives us a much-needed break from the Saas-Bahu TV shows.

Little Things

This is a show that deals with the everyday troubles of a couple who live together and it focuses on an array of problems in their relationship, their jobs and everyday life! The execution of the show is especially life-like and this element keeps the story interesting. It has enough different tangents that make sure that it doesn’t become too drab or repetitive and that’s what we absolutely love. Little Things brings to the screen the intricacies of living in the bustling city of Mumbai while still trying to keep a hold on reality.

Mithila Palkar is one of the freshest faces on the internet media industry and she brings a unique touch to the show. Her jubilant nature perfectly fits in with her character in the show and she’s skilled enough to tone it down when necessary. On the whole, she adds a new tangent to an already talented cast.

Sacred Games

The first Indian web series to be aired on Netflix, Sacred Games garnered quite a buzz surrounding its release. Even after the release, it was marred in controversy- the series has a gripping story line revolving around characters and their relevance to a world-changing incident. The plot follows the methods of a police officer and his team, the CBI and a mastermind criminal. The plot brings these characters together beautifully and leaves you with enough cliffhangers which makes you jump to the next episode.

The show packs in big names from the Silver screen such as Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte. The talented actors give the show a more realistic tone and add a layer of creative complexity to the already hit show.


The name may trick you into believing that it has something to do with a little bit of Mary Jane but that’s not the case. It follows the life of a young student who is new to Delhi and two of his roommates. The theme centres around these three characters and how after a few misadventures, they decide to start a late night food delivery service. The show beautifully encapsulates the hurdles and experiences that one may face while going out on a new venture.

Permanent Roommates

The love story of a couple who have been in a long-distance relationship and are faced with the prospects of moving in together and getting married. The comedy is on the spot too - the comic dialogues and timings are refined and do not feel out of place in the situations they are placed at. On a whole, the two seasons have down-to-earth characters who will surely remind you of someone you know.

The Reunion

A group of friends from school living their own lives in big bustling cities, get a chance at a new lease of friendship and to make amends in the past. They each have their own complex issues but the show deals with how they get an opportunity to relive their worry-free school days. The show has some light-hearted humour and a well-paced story that doesn’t make any part seem bleak. The series is a great watch if you like to reminisce the days and the friendships that you have formed or gone by.

Be sure to watch one of these shows if you feel like you’re the only one facing problems in life. The general Saas-Bahu series may not accomplish in lifting your spirits and the western shows may romanticize issues but these Indian web series portray a realistic side of life.