Famed as 'Lover's Paradise', Goa's Dona Paula Beach comes with a tragic backstory!

Famed as 'Lover's Paradise', Goa's Dona Paula Beach comes with a tragic backstory!

When here, you definitely need to visit the marketplace as well because it has an array of goodies on display.

Can we ever get enough of sun and sand?! Nope. With the umpteen amount of beaches in Goa, it's easy to get used to it and find it monotonous, but how often do you see a beach with a backstory as interesting as a Bollywood drama? Located 7 km from Panjim, the Dona Paula Beach in Goa is where you need to be with your loved one to live in the spirit of Dona Paula, who loved so deeply that she died for it!

A Lovers' Paradise!

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As Indians, we never get tired of drama and when the drama has a love story in it, you bet we're all ears! Goa's Dona Paula Beach has all the right spices for a perfect tale of romance, drama, sun, sand and a whole lot of food! As per legends, Dona Paula was the daughter of the Viceroy who fell in love with a fisherman and so much so, that she jumped off a cliff when her father refused to accept this relationship!

When here, you definitely need to visit the marketplace as well because it has an array of goodies on display and with the right haggling skills, you can bag a few treasures for sure. BTW if you're looking for good feni, you can get a bottle or two from here!

Knock Knock

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Falling in the southern part of the peninsula, the Dona Paula Beach is also a sight to behold because this is where the two rivers. Zuari and Mandovi, meet the Arabian Sea. Looking like they came straight out of a postcard, the palm trees and the Marmugao Harbour make for a view that you cannot afford to miss! The best time to visit the Dona Paula Beach is between the months of November and March, when you can hog on the mouthwatering seafood, partake in some crazy water sports activities and revel in the electrifying beach nightlife!

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