Pin these 7 tourist places in North Goa for a slice of Goan heritage

Pin these 7 tourist places in North Goa for a slice of Goan heritage

Upon thinking of Goa, the beaches, sea shores and the sound of waves crashing on to the land, come to mind. One often disregards the other attractions that Goa holds for tourists. Not only is the state vibrant in its culture, it also packs a punch when it comes to historically important and enthralling places.

From magnificent forts to breathtaking churches to the charming allure of the old town vibes, here are some of the best places, apart from beaches in North Goa that you have to visit the next time you’re there.

Mae De Deus Church

The church offers a well needed break from beaches and the ocean, providing views of stunning gothic architecture. The church was built way back in 1873 and emanates ethereal vibes. At first glance, it is a place that leaves one stunned and it’ll take you a moment to gather yourself. Apart from the amazing scenic view that it provides, the church is nestled in a breathtaking environment that adds to the aura of the place.


In case you want to take home some souvenirs from Goa, Bicholim is where you can find some rather unique handmade pottery items. The market has rows of such shops and here, you can even get a chance to interact with the artisans and their process of making the artefacts. Each of the designs and handmade objects here are intricately detailed, and no two clay products are the same. Apart from pottery, you can also get some locally embroidered clothes and supplies at the market.

Fort Aguada

The fort and lighthouse on a beach combo is nothing short of stunning. Here, you can take in the breathtaking view of the sunset from the lighthouse and bask in the glory of the rich and vibrant history of this fort. The fort now holds historic importance for Goa and offers a unique view to the beholder. Overlooking the Arabian sea, the walls of the fort have not only stood the test of time, but have also braved violent storms and tides over the years, which just adds to the already otherworldly vibes here.

Calizz Museum

If you pay a visit to Aguada fort, you’ve got to visit Calizz Museum as well. It is located about 10 minutes from the fort and a trip here will be well worth it. To take a tour, you’ll have to book it in advance. Since it is often regarded as the heart of Goa, it encapsulates everything about Goan culture and heritage. It is a great hub of the soul of Goa and is home to several unique artefacts that will leave you wondering about the history of the state.

Anjuna Market

If you’re looking for some locally made artefacts, every Wednesday, the streets near Anjuna Beach are flush with dozens of shops. From clothes to souvenirs to quirky handbags and everything in between, the weekly market has it all. If you’re in Goa for a short while, this market is a must visit. In fact, you can even indulge in some authentic Goan seafood at one of the mini-stalls here. Since the market is only put up on Wednesdays, you can chalk out your day trip here.

Fort Chapora

Fort Chapora runs along side Chapora river, which is where it gets its name from. The Portuguese fort provides a view of the sprawling, sparking Arabian Sea and adds a layer of excitement to your trip. Not only is the fort well known for its old cultural relevance, but also for its short treks and natural surroundings. Tourists often flock here to have a peaceful time and witness the sun set into the endless sea.

Kerkar Art Complex

For a different experience in the State of beaches, Kerkar Art Complex is the place you have to visit. The art complex is a hub of contemporary art from around the country and notably, by the artist Subodh Kerkar. The main attractions of the complex are statues, sculptures and art pieces to rattle the mind. Each piece has a different tale to tell and certainly adds to the vibe of the place.

Each of the places mentioned here in the list offer something unique and give you a glimpse into the best that Goa has to offer in terms of culture and vibrance. Let us know in the comments below which were your favourite spots.