With iTHRIVE's all-new ALIVE program, ​achieving health goals is now easier & a lot more fun!

With iTHRIVE's all-new ALIVE program, ​achieving health goals is now easier & a lot more fun!

With iTHRIVE's newly restructured ALIVE program, you can now say yes to your overall healing and beyond, and that too without any unnecessary physical or mental pressure

Did you know, it is possible to achieve your desired health goals without solely depending on medications and fancy diets? With iTHRIVE's newly restructured ALIVE program, you can now say yes to your overall healing and beyond and that too without any unnecessary physical or mental pressure.

Offering a revolutionary method of healthcare, iTHRIVE helps you prioritise your health and set up a lifestyle-disease free community across the planet! This 12-week long program aims at restoring your body's functioning to its ideal state by using a dynamic functional nutritional plan and Root Cause Analysis approach.

12 weeks for an overall lifestyle upgrade!

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The ALIVE program assists people in reversing their chronic lifestyle diseases, getting rid of medications, preventing the onset of genetic and age-related disorders, thereby becoming healthier both physically and mentally. This 12-week long program is basically the secret ingredient of an overall lifestyle upgrade!

As the name suggests, this course is designed to make you feel alive as you join the trail of this transformative program. Backed by a team of leading functional nutritionists, the main target of this well-researched 90-day long gamified session is to help people achieve a lifetime of optimum health.

Transformation program with fun, games & rewards? Yes please!

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While we know health and wellness programs are usually boring and tedious, ALIVE is a whole lot different from the other FAD diets! And to add a dash of extra fun, iTHRIVE has now included fun games and challenges in this course that is sure to boost your excitement and determination to the next level. With this, iTHRIVE aims to make ALIVE an even more engaging course to inculcate a healthier lifestyle.

Starting from alternative food choices to accessory alterations of cookware, minute lifestyle changes and more, this revolutionary course monitors all the minor details only to offer a huge and wholesome change, upon completion! While the course is rigorous it is absolutely exciting and to amp up your excitement, the good folks at iTHRIVE have now included a satisfying reward system as well! So now, you can feel the changes reflect, physically, mentally and spiritually all while having fun!

So, no matter how difficult your fitness journey may seem to you, the ALIVE program by iTHRIVE is sure to help you not only reach your goals but also inculcate a healthy lifestyle that will benefit you in the long run as well.

Knock Knock

Now that you know all about this revolutionary program and its benefits, get ready to transform your lifestyle into a healthy and happy one by saying yes to iTHRIVE and its transformative course! To strike a balance between your mental and physical wellbeing, you can also add a special 'Minds That Matter' program to the ALIVE course. Check out the official website of iTHRIVE to know more about these programs.

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