Good news Delhiites: AQI goes down from ‘very poor’ to ‘poor’ on the coldest day this season

Talk of small mercies. Delhiites can now breathe a sigh of relief as the AQI dipped from ‘very poor’ on Saturday to ‘poor’ with a reading of 294 on Sunday.

Delhi, as we know, is one of the most polluted cities in the country. On Friday, it marked and AQI of 352. There was a marginal improvement on Saturday though the AQI was still recorded as ‘very poor’. The primary pollutants in Delhi are PM2.5 and PM10.

This stark improvement comes after the season’s coldest day in the city and due to faster wind speeds across the area. It is believed that due to the faster wind speeds, the pollution slightly dissipated away from the city to the outskirts.

On Sunday, the temperature in the city dipped to the lowest this season - 9 degrees, officially marking the advent of winters this year around. Last year, the coldest day was recorded on 25th November with a temperature of 10.5 degrees. According to the Met department, Delhi will see a further dip in temperature in the coming days and then follow up with a minimal rise in the low temperature. They also said that the city will be graced by increasing levels of fog, smog and mist in the coming days.

The growing fog and mist will help towards cleaning out the atmosphere in the city. As of now, the level of pollutants is hovering three times above what should be the regulated standard. If the trend continues, the results could be life threatening and take a toll on citizens’ lives.

In another move to tackle pollution, IIT Kanpur scientists were given the green flag to go ahead with their plan for inducing artificial rain in the city. As of now, they are waiting for favourable cloud conditions to go ahead with the plan. They stated that all other parts of the plan- the clearances and logistics are favourable and they have received permission to go ahead.

Lucknow is most famously known as the city of Nawabs. The name, though many think is given to the city because it was ruled by the Nawabs for many years, is more so because of the impact the Nawabs had on Lucknow's culture and its common life.

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Have you ever been running late to the airport because of the sheer number of bags you have? If your answer is yes, then IGI airport has got you covered. Now, in a new initiative by the DIAL (Delhi International Airport Ltd) you can have your stuff transported to the IGI airport directly from your place of stay.

Delhi International Airport Ltd., the operators of IGI airport have partnered up with a Bengaluru based company called CarterX. In fact, this facility is not limited to be availed by only those taking off from Delhi, it can also be used to get your luggage delivered to your residence when you touchdown at IGI.

What's the update?

In a bid to make travelling to and from IGI airport easier for passengers, DIAL has undertaken a partnership with CarterX to start a service where a commuter's luggage can be transported to and from the IGI airport directly from their place of residence. This, essentially, is a step towards making checking in to the airport a breeze.

Additionally, if you're short on time and are planning to take the direct metro link to the airport, this is a great way to ensure that you don't have to lug your stuff around.

To avail the service, you will have to pay a fee based on the number, weight and size of the bags. The fee will also take into account distance to and from the airport, meaning the prices are going to be dynamically triggered. At any rate, the base fare is ₹299, which goes up depending on the aforementioned factors. For every 5 kilograms over 20kgs, an additional ₹100 will be charged.

Knock Knock

This is certainly one of the most passenger forward moves we have seen DIAL take. The IGI airport is at par with the best airports in the world and this is something that should take its rating all the way up. DIAL and CarterX have both stated that with this service, they aim to cover the entirety of Delhi, including neighbouring states- Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

For most of us from Noida, the Metro is nothing short of a lifeline. A saviour in times of need, the metro has connected various parts of Noida to mainstream Delhi. Now, however, you're going to have to take a different look at these metro trains, because you can rent them for throwing parties!

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It's that time of the year again, when your Facebook will show you ads related to all things Valentine, there'll be a rise in pink-red teddy bears at the store windows and of course, the florists will be selling Roses at the price of Orchids. Valentine's Day is en route and if you too, are a part of Cupid's gang and love the day in all its glory, you must be scouting for things to do on this day with your beloved.

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Food Festivals are often the best place to find a good time. The energy, the wafting aroma of food, the opportunity to eat, shop and be merry is something we look forward to dearly. of all the food festivals that happen in Delhi, Horn OK Please is the one tyeb city is undoubtedly the most excited for.

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By now, if you still don't have a Valentine's Day plan, you've chanced upon the correct article!

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