Upliftment, empowerment and emancipation of women is a focus area the world over and has caught up in a big way in India too. For empowering women, the first step is to liberate the girl child. Girls all over, particularly in the underdeveloped and developing world, are often an underprivileged lot.

Due to cultural, sociological and at times economic reasons, they are often not given their due. This includes poor education, early marriage and other factors. In order to enable little girls to grow into empowered young women, it is essential that they be given the same rights as boys at home, school and elsewhere.

To this end International Girl Child Day is observed with much fanfare today, i.e. on 11 October all over the world.

The 2019 theme

This year's theme of the International Girl Child day is GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable and is something that is rather prevalent in society today. Girls and women are rising up and doing things that are bringing about a revolution and they are propelling themselves to the skies.

It is the young girls' grit, determination and perseverance- along with help from a few do gooders that has given them wings and is allowing them to explore. Apart from that, many of them strive to be unstoppable in whatever field they choose. One could say that they are as unscripted as can be because their tenacity allows them to excel in anything they desire.

In India and other developing nations, the mindsets of people are changing. The girl child is now being exposed to new & more opportunities, but in the more rural areas, the situation is as bad as one can imagine.

Here's what the government is doing to help the cause

However, there are a few schemes that are trying to help the cause. One of the most prevalent one is 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao', which is a great initiative towards curbing female infanticide and educating the girl child.

Here are a few other stratagems that are pushing the girl child to leading better lives- Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education, Scheme for Adolescent girls, Girls’ Hostel Scheme in Educationally Backward Blocks.

Knock Knock

Though these schemes are in place, not much can be done about the situation unless the mindset of people is changed. At any rate, the girl child is now more powerful than ever and with so many new avenues coming up, the future is out there for them to grab.

In our daily, fast paced lives, it can be rather difficult to keep track on the fun side of life. Often, the busy and repetitive routine puts you in a rut, that can only be broken by a ROFL comedy show. If you too are looking to get out of the cycle of boredom, we have come across the perfect thing for you. On 12th October, you can catch Kanan Gill live at La La Land Brew Pub in his element, while sipping on a few libations.

What's buzzing?

Many would say that Kanan Gill is a well polished gem who has emerged from the depths of the Indian comedy scene. Well, all we can say is that we love his comedy. Ever since his YouTube channel, 'Pretentious Movie Reviews' became a huge hit, so has he. People quickly realized his eye for comedy, his panache and his unique style.

Now that he's coming to perform in Delhi once again, we're stoked to go see him live. His live shows are truly the best and he leaves no stone unturned in his journey to make you laugh. What really sets him apart are his crass yet highly sophisticated set of jokes, one liners and quips. They just add to his own style, that is unmatched by other comedians.

At his show, titled 'Easy Evenings', he will be your one way ticket to a night of relaxation, gut wrenching jokes and memorable one liners that you won't forget to crack with your friends. His past experiences and his wit just add to his enigmatic charm, which you really can't get enough of.

About Kanan Gill

In case you haven't been living under a rock, you probably know who he is. Following his successful YouTube channel, he took the comedy scene by storm, mainly due to his relatable style of comedy, his uncanny background and his down to earth attitude. Now, he is one of the most loved comedians, all across India.

Knock Knock

One of the most loved comedians, Kanan Gill is coming to Gurugram and if you want to catch a laughter flu, then his show is the place to be at. Be sure to gather your pals and book your tickets very soon, because they're selling like hot cakes.

When: 12th October, 2019

Where: La La Land Brew Pub, Gurugram

Book your tickets here.

No matter which part of the world you’re in, coffee is that one beverage which unites us all. We start our day with our cup of joe to wake up our insides, which then slowly preps us to face the world, one deadline, one imbecile, at a time! Coffee is not just a drink, it’s an emotion which runs through our veins and is thicker than blood because of the incessant number of cups we gulp down a day!

What would life truly be, without our hot joe beside us? From being our constant on stressful days to being our daily wake-up call, coffee is that one element which you can bank upon!

So keeping in mind our unanimous love for coffee, we’ve listed 7 facts about it which will enlighten you about your regular cuppa!

1. Coffee led to Divorces

In ancient Arab and Turkish culture, women were permitted to divorce their husbands if they didn’t like their wife's coffee or if they didn’t provide them with enough coffee beans for the household.

A dark roast right there!

2. Cat poop produces the most expensive coffee

‘Kopi Luwak’ is the world's most expensive coffee which is produced by a strange method! Civet cats are fed coffee beans and then Kopi Luwak is the result of the digested matter which they poop out.

3. Coffee is a Fruit

Of course y’all know that coffee beans grow on a bush and they’re actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. Also, coffee beans are only called 'beans' because of the resemblance but they’re actually berries!

Anyhow, technically, you’ve been drinking a fruit so if anyone tells you to cut out on the caffeine, just tell them that ‘fruits’ are healthy for us and coffee is actually fruit juice!

4. You can over dose on coffee too!

Although caffeine overdose is extremely rare, you can actually breathe your last with coffee down your throat! You would need to drink around 30 cups of brew in a short period of time if you’re tryna overdose lethally on caffeine. But why would anyone want to do that?! Being dead would mean NO. MORE. COFFEE. EVER!

There are also a few pieces of research which apparently suggest that coffee drinkers live longer than others and they’re immune towards certain diseases too!

5. Beethoven was a server’s worst nightmare

Beethoven loved his brew to be personal and he was extremely particular about its preparations! So if you were his barista, you would’ve had to serve him a cup of steaming hot java prepared with exactly 60 beans! Crazy right?!

6. Webcam owes its existence to Coffee

The first webcam was invented at The University of Cambridge because the folks on different floors were tired of checking up on the status of the office coffee pot! To let fellow colleagues know if the coffee pot was full or not, some Einstein-like peeps here invented the webcam!

The camera was placed at the ‘Trojan’ room which had the coffee pot and it would capture images thrice a minute! With some more of technicality, the images from the webcam would then reach their internal computer network!

Wow, that’s true dedication!

7. ‘Dancing Goats’ led to this invention

Legend has it that a goat-herder in Ethiopia accidentally discovered ‘coffee’ when he noticed that his goats were particularly energetic after grazing on berries at a specific site! He then passed on his new discovery to his fellow mates and long story short, that’s how coffee evolved.

Knock Knock

How many of these facts did ya’ know? Tag your coffee lovin’ friends and make their eyes go wide!

With September coming to an end already, the last whisks of summery spells are retreating too and before it does, we want you to check out this ice-cream kiosk here in Gurugram!

Although ice-creams don’t need a particular season, to avoid a husky throat and a runny nose, you should be heading to Emoi right away to snag their cute AF ice-creams. Meant for the heart and good for the ‘gram, this spot will have you coming back for more- no matter how broke you are.

Emoi means ‘emotion’ in French and honestly, while strolling through DLF Cyber City, the only emotion we felt on seeing this tuk-tuk shaped kiosk was- temptation!

Their ice-creams on sticks come in different, unique flavours and the shapes of these cutesy delights make us want to not eat ‘em while making us droooool for a quick bite. Take your picks from the creamy swirls in cones to the variety of shapes on sticks and Emoi will keep your dessert cravings at bay!

Be it a stroll after dinner or a mid-day binge on a cheat day, Emoi will make you coming back for more and who can truly resist the options here?! When here, you should ideally be trying out all of the flavours but if you’re asking us to pick, we’d tell you to go for Pawffee, Choco Snuggle, Yum Cha and of course the Berrygood one.

What we’re saying is-

Everyone needs a little bit of ice-cream in their lives (no offence to lactose intolerant gang though; heart goes out to them), no matter how much of a fitness freak they are! Ice-creams can make everything better and you can never go wrong with it. Drop by here or at the 7 other outlets which they have around Delhi and Gurugram, and you’ll find your nirvana!

P.S. They even take orders for birthday parties and celebrations, so just give ‘em a call and they’ll park their ice-cream tuk-tuk at your venue!

Location: Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram

Timings: 12:30pm – 12:30am

Cost: ₹200 for two people (approx.)

If you're someone with a job, you know how difficult it is to juggle a full-time career, a social life that is alive, eat right, drink enough water and just be an overall healthy person. The kind of fast paced life we live today does not allow us the time to reminisce about much. Yet, when we have to eat the same 2-minute noodles, pizza and sandwiches daily, the only thing we remember is "maa ke hath ka khana".

So if you've been missing the comfort of a home cooked meal or maa ke hath ka khana, The Desi Bowl Co in Gurugram is here to rescue you with their amazing bowls. They have entirely re-defined the concept of 'khane ka dabba' with the desi, meal-in-a-bowl!

From dal-chawal & aloo to lal maas, seekh kebab & naan

The Desi Bowl Co is trying to bring the desi ghar ka khana as well as fancy Indian food with familiar flavours and a great taste on one platter. From the aam aadmi bowl with its rajma chawal, kurkuri bhindi and achar to the house bowl with tadke wali dal, jeera aloo, rice and cumin curd, they bring the basic home cooked dishes at prices that are extremely reasonable.

A good sized portion of the hunger bowl with rice, a side dish, a main dish, curd, achaar, papad or chutney, would only cost you something between ₹200-₹250, while a big hunger bowl will land you somewhere between ₹290-₹350.

With options such as mutton bowl served with lal maas, mutton kebab, naan, rice, ker sangri and chili chutney or the Rajnikanth bowl served with chettinad chicken, chicken 65, lotus stem and coconut rice, it’s a great deal for sure!

We are bowl-ed away!

The idea of getting a full meal for a single person's consumption, along with all the accoutrements and the sides is quite pleasing. Add to that the amazing quality and taste of food; you get a better take-away or delivery option than anything you've had.

We would highly recommend the bowls for those who want to order food but don't want to deal with the quantity, or are with a friend and the two want completely different things.

Eat away people!

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? All of us love stand-up shows to break the daily monotony and we are suckers for comics who can make us grunt and snort while laughing out loud!

But have you ever pawsed and thought about your doggos and cattos? About how tired they become from being cuuuteeee all day long and of course, the added responsibilities of being a good boi or a girl just adds to the stress!

So to make things better, Barks and Meows here in Gurugram have come up with India’s 1st stand-up comedy show for pets and their hoomans, and it seems like the pawfect way to spend your Saturday!

What’s Happening?

Tomorrow, on the 21st of September, Barks and Meows is hosting a comedy show for pets and, of course, their hoomans will get to be a part of the audience too!

The performing artists, Nitin Mandal, Ravi Gupta and Rajat Chauhan will be packing a few laughs in their sleeves to make us go ROFL and for our pets to wag their tails! Since Barks and Meows also serves as a cafe for our fur buddies and us, while here, just order a few tucks while letting your pets have a good time. They have separate menus for us and our pets, so you don’t have to worry about your baby eating wrong!

They’ll also conduct a few games, a grooming session and other activities to keep your fur-babies busy and the best part? All the proceeds from the event will be going to Umeed for Animals Foundation to help out other fur babies in need.

How pawsome is that?!

What we’re saying is-

If you’ve been busy and haven’t been able to spend any time with your furmily, you should definitely get the tickets done and head to this event! This will give your pets a chance to socialize with others around and it’ll be great for their well-being too.

Where: Faridabad - Gurgaon Road, Expressway Gwal Pahari, Sector 2, Gurugram

When: 21st of September, 5 PM to 8 PM

Entry: Book your tickets here

We can binge on desserts anytime, anywhere, right? Be it a mid-day sweet craving or a midnight sweet-tooth tingle, desserts are always welcomed with our Cheshire cat smiles!

Deep-dyed dessertarians know that when it comes to sweetmeats, there ain’t nothing called calories because desserts go straight to our hearts! With the fast paced world around us, desserts are evolving too and it’s no longer necessarily laden with gluten. Desserts have found their way around to be hailed as ‘pretty as a picture’ while being gluten-free, and folks craving for an organic sweet indulgence are all for it.

Speaking of gluten-free desserts which are also totally Insta-worthy, we chanced upon The Bombaykery which is a delivery-only dessert place in Gurugram and it’s feeding our sweet tooth like no other.

More like The Bom'BAE'kery!

This dessert delivery outlet offers all things cute and yum-yum in the tum-tum! Be it customization of cupcakes for a kid’s birthday party or a dessert hamper for festivities, The Bombaykery will heed to your needs in the most delectable ways possible.

Go for their Nutella Sea Salt Cookies or spoon your way to the bottom of the Banoffee Pie Dessert Bowl; if you wanna cave to your cravings, go for the Mascarpone and Berries bowl. Their Opera Cake also ranks high amidst our dessert lovin’ palates and we could forever munch on these treats from here!

They even have savoury collections for munching sessions and if you’re looking for gifting options, let us tell you, they have really adorable packaging too!

What we’re saying is-

Be it a birthday party or a celebration of some sort, you can always count on The Bombaykery to have your back. They’ve been an absolute favourite of people around and their offerings are simply delish.

Location: 1st Floor, Shiva Market, Chakarpur, Near Vakil Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

(Delivers in and around Gurugram, Central & South Delhi)

Timings: 11am – 11:15pm

Cost: ₹300 for two people (approx.)

Gurugram is no stranger to fun and lively events. Every month or so, an event comes along and wins our hearts and gives us something great to remember. This month, we've come across a really fun event, one that involves a lot of painting and partying! Sounds fun, doesn't it? If you're interested, then read on to know all about the Paint Party happening in Gurugram this Sunday.

What's happening?

A colourful party- we mean literally colourful- is coming your way. Chances that you've never seen something like this are pretty high. Here, you get to express yourself not just through dance and music, but through painting.

This zany party is a place where you can get creative as you paint the next abstract masterpiece, the most meaningful scenery or just something that you like. Pair that up with a fun, lively crowd, a great musical setlist and some drinks- and you've got a recipe for the perfect way to spend an evening.

At the party, the main motive of the organizers is to help you connect with like minded people, make a few friends, and let your creativity flow out of you. At the end of the party, you get to take home your masterpiece, along with the cherished memories that brought it alive. When you look at if after several months, you'll have something to remember the day by.

In case you're wondering if you need to have prior experience in painting, then guess what? There's no need to be a Picasso or a Dali. All that matters is that you have the creativity and are willing to express it. Once you forge new friendships here, you're going to hold on to them for a long time.

For a whole new type of a party, this is where you should head over to on Sunday.

When: September 07, 2019

Where: The Beehive, Gurugram

Book a slot here.