The COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus is a disease that has taken the entire world by storm. The international epidemic has made its way into India and it is highly crucial to keep a tab on the situation around and how you can keep yourself safe amidst all the chaos.

In these days and times, it is easy to get swamped away by loads of fake reports that don't paint the right picture. So, we've compiled everything here for you folks- all you need to know about the virus and how you and your loved ones can stay safe.

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The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 is undoubtedly the biggest news right now. The spread and the identification of patients all over the world is currently creating waves and it's no surprise that there has been a significant spread of panic and rumours along with it. The worst part is that the situation has become exceptionally dicey as several suspected coronavirus cases have been reported in India.

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When in India, being a Bollywood buff is only natural because without Hindi cinemas keeping us company, what would we do?! Imagine dancing on Saturday nights without poppin' masala songs, texting with friends without movie punchliners, no SRK-Kajol moments to catch your fancy- tch, what we're saying is, you can either love or hate Bollywood but you can't ignore it.

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you have a bae, you must be wondering about things to do on this day to make your beloved feel a lil' extra special on this occasion. But again, if you're not into a lot of showsha and want to spend a cozy low-key evening, then Gurugram has something for you.
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Amidst the adulting frenzy, we often miss out on moments where we get to let loose and chill out, without much of a thought. By the time our search for the perfect event ends, our work schedule usually turns it into a big blob, leading to cancelling of plans.

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The revving engines, the smell of hot petrol gliding through the gears of yesteryears and oh, the glory which comes along while riding in a vintage car, is unparalleled. Watching a 1931 Lancia Dilambda or 1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II, taking to the streets in its best behaviour, is something which we don't get to notice on Gurugram streets too often.

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Fans of pop culture, how deeply invested are you in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fandom? Do you think you have what it takes to hold your own in a mind twisting trivia about one of our famous sitcoms? If you do, then head over to Unlocked - Bar, Kitchen and Escape Room to show off your F.R.I.E.N.D.S knowledge!

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We're just two weeks into the new year and honestly, it's turning out to be awesome! With a plethora of events to keep us and our pockets engaged, the city is already giving us many reasons to celebrate this new decade.

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Nothing speaks to Delhiites better than a great food festival. Be it Continental, Oriental food, European or any other cuisine, Delhiites love a great food festival. This time, there's an awesome biryani and kebab festival that's on at Gurugram's La La Land Cafe.

These guys are taking cues from the classic styles of making biryani- both Hyderabadi and Awadhi, which is why you've got to be at the food fest. They also have a great selection of melt in your mouth kebabs, which is why the place is one of our favourites.

What's buzzing?

Gurugramwasis, there's something fun coming your way and if you're even a bit of a foodie, it's got your name written all over it. La La Land Cafe in Gurugram has been winning our hearts over for a long time, but this time, the food festival is here to blow your mind away.

Focusing around two of the most quintessential Indian dishes, biryanis and kebabs, these guys are doing justice to the age old dishes. At the fest, you can head over and indulge in a variety of biryanis- from Awadhi to Hyderabadi and from Muradabadi to the Bengali style. La La Land's chefs have outdone themselves in this festival.

But wait, folks! That's not all you're getting! You also have the option to choose from a vast array of kebabs. Go ahead and try the galawati kebabs, which just melt at the tip of your tongue. Then you've got the seekh kebabs, which have a tangy taste and a plethora of different textures that make the taste buds happy. Apart from that, there are 13 other kebabs that are must tries.

What's La La Land Cafe all about?

This is one of our favourite places in Gurugram for all cuisines. They don't compromise on a single thing and that's what we love about them so much. We can safely say that the biryani and kebab festival will surely bring about a change for your palette, so go ahead and experiment!

Knock Knock

We Delhiites are always on the lookout for new cuisines to try out. Finding a good, flavourful biryani can often tend to be a huge chore for us Delhiites, and that is exactly why a visit to La La Land's food fest is what we need.

When: Ongoing till 15th December

Where: 1st Floor Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurugram