In conversation with team ‘Oye Kiddan!’, who are managing a delivery only kitchen in Gurugram

In conversation with team ‘Oye Kiddan!’, who are managing a delivery only kitchen in Gurugram

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Oye Kiddan is a food delivery restaurant in Gurugram which specialize in north Indian cuisine. Known for their authentic and yummy paranthas, Oye kiddan wants to make ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’ easily available for people.

No matter where we live and what we do, the thing that makes us miss our home the most is the maa ke hath ka khana, the simple home-cooked food we had everyday. It is the most comfortable and the most nostalgic memory most of us have, be it buttered-up aloo parathas for breakfast or simple khichdi for lunch.

In conversation with team ‘Oye Kiddan!’, who are managing a delivery only kitchen in Gurugram
Oye Kiddan!

The team at Oye Kiddan knows and appreciates the value of comfort food, hence they try to provide it to their customers, “We started from a small kitchen in Mumbai, now we have 5 outlets in Mumbai itself and 8 in the country. Our sales are booming and it is because of our focus on the flavour of the food, hygiene and the staff,” Oye Kiddan’s owner Jaiveer Singh said while talking to Knocksense.

The owner and the teams under him make special arrangements for hygiene, as all the workers are capped and gloved at all times and the kitchens scrubbed twice a day. As for taste and ‘maa ke hath ka khana’, anybody who is recruited to the restaurant has to train for 15 days under supervision of the mother of the head chef, Sitaram Sharni.

Oye Kiddan Gurugram Team

The hard working team of OK Gurugram consists of 4 people, who work tirelessly to make their customers happy and create a name for their restaurant.

The head chef Sitaram Sharni who worked in Mumbai for two years and only recently shifted to Gurugram said, “I have to wake up early every morning and immediately start with the preparations of the masala (filling) for the parathas, and the dough, then prepare lunch for the team, eat and get back to work again. To ensure that our food is always fresh, We throw the unused masala for paratha stuffing at 4 pm. Then we make a fresh batch again at 7 pm. Then we throw the leftover stuff at night and make everything fresh in the morning. We don’t re-use leftover food.”

The sous chef Sanjay Mukhiya who cooks Dal Makhani, Chhola, Rajma and Khichdi, and the other two members who help around the restaurant with packaging and taking orders, go through a similar routine.

The team is extremely passionate about their work and food and put a lot of love and effort in their craft. They switched to a delivery only service to make the process a more comfortable one for the workers as well as the customers because of many delivery platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Uber Eats and others.

So be sure to check Oye Kiddan out for their amazing and comfort food.