Our favourite delivery only kitchens to order from in Gurgaon this festive season!

Our favourite delivery only kitchens to order from in Gurgaon this festive season!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Ritesh Sinha

After being drowned in the bustle of everyday life, ordering food often becomes the only dependable thing. The first bite of tasty food after a long day of work is oft the only saving grace our entire day has; so it’s important to have a list of reliable places that would send good food on time. Hence, here’s a list of our favourite food delivery places in Gurugram, to make life (and ordering) a little easier for you.

Pind Bhatura

As the name suggests, this restaurant serves only two things: Chhole-Bhature and Lassi, perfecting the Punjabi food staple.

What we tried & what we liked
The Chhole Bhature are your quintessential desi Chhole Bhature.
One plate contains two crispy & fluffy Bhaturas, well-balanced, spicy and flavourful Chholas and fresh and tangy onions.

Certainly one of the best vegetarian meals we’ve had under Rs.100.
The Lassi was refreshing, cold and sweet. Pind Bhatura has ingeniously used the good old Kullhad which, not only keeps the Lassi cold, but also enhances its overall experience.

Takeaway: Our favourite place to order from if we’re craving Chola Bathuras and Lassi. Would recommend 10/10 times.

Delivery Platforms: Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda,

Cost for two: ₹200

Rumi Food Company

Delivers high quality, rich in flavor, light on the pocket food, from in and around the Indian-subcontinent

What we tried & what we liked: Though there are a plethora of options available on the menu, we tried Chicken Dahi Vala Ishtew (Yes, you read it right it is not Stew, but Ishtew), Haleem, Khamiri roti and Mutton Biryani.

The chicken Dahi vala Ishtew is a spicy preparation that goes REALLY well with the Khamiri roti. A must have for spice lovers! Haleem is a delicacy that very few restaurants serve, but the concept, art and love behind it made Rumi’s Haleem the most delicious Haleem we’ve ever tasted. Mutton Biryani was full of flavours, with the softest meat imaginable, cooked right to the bone.

Takeaway: The place to order from, if you want a rich, flavourful, budget Indian Fine dining experience at home.

Delivery Platforms: Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Food Panda

Cost for two: ₹700

Oye Kiddan!

Delicious, packed with flavors, simple and pocket friendly North Indian food, delivered right to your doorsteps

What we tried & What we Liked: Oye Kiddan! has a huge selection of mouth-watering Parathas, that are innovative & yumm! We tried their Mix Paratha, Gobhi Paratha, Daal Makhani Meal, served with yogurt (you can't go wrong with these choices); Butter Chicken Paratha & Keema Paratha, served with a tasty butter chicken dip- a must try for non vegetarian. Besides Gurugram, Oye Kiddan! is also operational in Mumbai & Pune.

Daal Khichdi - Don’t let the name deceive you, it is DELICIOUS (just like ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana’)! Rajma Chawal which is their best seller and rightly so, and Mango Lassi, are our all time favourites.

Takeaway: Perfect place to order from if you want to eat delicious, affordable, light and healthy Indian food that does not compromise on flavours.

Delivery Platforms - Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats,

Cost for two: ₹350


MeBo short for ‘Meal in a Bowl’ is a restaurant that could not have put it more simply; from exotic Thai Green Curry to desi Butter Chicken and rice, they provide meals which are high on taste, portable, and perfect for a diner.

What we tried and what we liked: Kung Pao Chicken Bowl is a balanced and well cooked chicken dish served with fried rice or noodles. Butter Chicken Bowl has authentic Indian flavours that combine very well with the rice. The gravy which was rich, thick and creamy, made us want to dig in at the first sight. Chicken Thai Curry Bowl is a perfect blend of coconut, meat, and veggies. The flavours were subtle and authentic, devoid of any extra, over-the-top spice.

Takeaway: Great place to order individual meals that are high on flavours and not too heavy on the pocket either

Delivery Platforms: Uber Eats, FoodPanda, Swiggy and Zomato

Cost for two: ₹600

Mosaic- The Med Kitchen

Delivers unparalleled and authentic Mediterranean food that is rich in flavours and spices; an ode to the culture.

What we tried and what we liked: Sumac Chicken Breast With Saffron Rice is the Mediterranean version of Chicken Biryani and its unlike any chicken Biryani we’ve ever had. The lip-smacking chicken was coated with a thick layer of delicious hummus. The rice, humus and chicken combined to give a thick, creamy texture to every bite. Lamb Shakariya with Parsley rice is a rich, nut and cream based curry served with 2 different kinds of meats in it. The dish tastes so unique and succulent that every bite was surreal.

Takeaway:The restaurant is successful in providing an authentic Mediterranean experience with a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

Delivery Platforms: Uber Eats, Swiggy, Zomato

Cost for 2: ₹800

These are some of our favorite restaurants to order from in Gurugram, let us know if we missed your top-spot in the comments section below.

Happy Ordering!