Sameera Satija
Sameera Satija

Sameera Satija is steel-ing our hearts with eco-friendly cutlery!

Prerona Lisah Mukherjee

Tired of plastic choking the city, Sameera Satija came up with the idea of a crockery bank which is going viral!

Sameera bought Rs.10,000 worth of stainless steel plates and glasses which are available for use at no charges by anyone for any event or festival.

Sameera came up with this idea when she observed people at Chabeel serving meetha pani in disposable glasses on a scorching summer day. Although the idea was to do good, this effort ended up creating piles of plastic waste. She was also irked to see the piles of plastic garbage on streets after every bada mangal, iftaar and numerous other events.

Sameera Satija is steel-ing our hearts with eco-friendly cutlery!

Sameera was even more concerned when she learnt that manufacture of disposable plastic cutlery requires gallons of water! So she switched to steel!

What a simple yet powerful idea! This single effort can prevent the city from turning into a waste dump yard.

Sameera works with the Central Government, Audit Department and is an environmentally responsible citizen. Instead of waiting for the government to mitigate the situation, she took it upon herself to come up with a solution.

I started distributing the steel crockery among three such organisations for their water charity drive. They were so impressed with the idea, that they returned the glasses after use and donated 10 more glasses to expand the bank. It was heartwarming, Sameera told a leading news website.
Sameera Satija

Sameera also conducts free workshops on waste management and home composting.

Sameera’s friend, Dr Aarushi, maintains a Facebook page, ‘Crockery Bank for Everyone’, to promote the project. Anyone who wishes to use the crockery can simply register on the page and will get a callback. She can also be contacted via her email –