All of us are pretty familiar with the Aqua Line by now. With a wide area of operation, it has connected many localities that were earlier inaccessible, or very hard to reach. The convenience of Aqua Line has really upped our expectations from Delhi/Noida Metro. To expand on that, the NMRC has implemented e-cycles that can be obtained from almost all Aqua Line stations to help with last mile connectivity. Have you tried them yet?

What's the update?

In order to take the facilities of the Aqua Line to the next level, the NMRC has implemented e-cycles and e-bikes that will help with the last mile connectivity issues that are quite rampant in Noida. Noida's public transport isn't as advanced and that is why the e-bikes should help you save costs, the environment and time.

The e-bikes can be unlocked from the metro stations themselves and the NMRC had stated that they would look into making bike stands at housing complexes and other hubs that are located near the metro station. Once this is done, people can take the e-bikes from these hubs and get to the metro station.

With the help of this, people who are unable to afford rickshaws, buses and autos to the metro station, can use the bikes and leave them at the dedicated spots for others to use. Certainly, this bike trend will bring about a new way that people travel to and from the metro.

Is there really a need?

The problem of a lack of last mile connectivity from Aqua Line Metro stations is one that had been plaguing it since the inauguration. The bikes are especially beneficial for those who are looking for a cheap alternative to e-rickshaws, buses (or the lack of) and autos.

With the cycles, it becomes immensely easy to travel from the metro to the nearest bike hub. These bikes are heralding a new era of last mile connectivity in the metro. In fact, several Blue Line metros have also adopted this method to a good extent.

About Aqua Line

Aqua Line Metro is one of the latest additions to NCR's intra city rail network. Launched in January, the Aqua Line started off to a rocky start but is now a major success. Connecting many parts of Noida and Greater Noida, the metro has got us hooked on and honestly, we can't imagine a life without it.

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