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If you are a true hot blooded Mumbaikar, back me on this, you cannot have a better breakfast than the deep fried bhajiya. Now you can fight me, but bhajiya and chutney makes all of our worries go away and our day a delight and you wouldn’t find better bhajiyas anywhere in the country than in Mumbai. Forget the cheesy smoothies and fruit bowls, a true desi breakfast isn’t complete without the real deal, the bhaji.

The subtle taste of juicy veggies and the crunch of crispy fried batter is a match made in heaven and we cannot deny the fact that it is irresistible. Chimbai Village in Bandra is the “it” place to get the best bhajis and here’s why it is worth getting up before 6 am in the morning.

1. It is the breakfast of champions aka Mumbaikars

A day full of hardships and monotony seems to be much more bearable with a little bit of oil and veggies inside you. The veggie being deep fried is no excuse to avoid bhajiya at all, it is actually a plus. All the oil, and the savoury flavour will keep you satiated throughout the day where you can make healthy conscious food choices.

2. The endless variety

With so many kinds of bhajiyas out there, we can never have enough. Picking our favourite from the endless supply of bhajiya, be it kanda bhajiya, mirchi bhajiya, aloo bhajiya and even the less popular baigan and egg bhajiya, we love them all and they love us right back.

3. You get to explore a very different part of the city

Located off Joggers Park, Chimbai Village is a lane that defines the hodge-podge of culture that is Mumbai. The architecture is Portuguese inspired and instantly takes you to the bylanes of Goa. The lane is known for the tremendous breakfast options that they have available, yet the bhajiya here stands out.

4. The reasonability

Bhajiya can be bought for as low as 10 bucks. With so many vendors on the street sides, getting yourself a plateful of bhajiya will not burn a hole in your pocket or make you regret your decision of indulging in the crispy delicacy.

It gets you a hit of the real Mumbai

Mumbai is not just the city of Bollywood, famous actors and rich people. The people who truly represent the real spirit of Mumbai are the hardworking section of the society who get up before the dawn in attempts to make ends meet.

The Mumbai that is never asleep, always on the verge of creating something beautiful and restless. The chhatter of local women, the hard work of the vendors and the buzz of people who line up to have a meal and a conversation before you and I get off of our beds, will warm your soul.

If this isn’t reason enough, we don’t know what is. Wake up in the morning and head to Chimbai Village, for a true Mumbaikar knows that a good plate of breakfast is worth it all.

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