Indore is a massive city with lots to offer to the newcomers as well as to the well acquainted. It has everything from old heritage sights, mouth watering cuisines and sky high buildings, Indore is a city that caters to everyone. The city is massive in its size and you don’t always want to commute in your personal vehicle, which is why you should use Indore’s own Bus Rapid Transit System and here’s all you need to know about it.

Indore Bus Rapid Transit System became operational back in May 2013 and since then, it has seen a reasonable amount of footfall. As of now, the Transit System has about 10 operational lines wherein it covers several important areas of the city. The route has a total length of approximately 12.4 kilometres and covers M.G Road, Eastern Ring Road, River Side Corridor, Indore Airport and several others. On the whole, the system has a route that would take you from any point in the city to your desired destination.

The buses are swank and low floored, much like the ones we have seen in Delhi and Noida. The fleet has 50 buses that are operational within the city. Additionally, the buses are air conditioned so travelling in the summers won’t be an issue. If you thought that was all, get this. The entire 12.4 kilometer corridor is equipped with high speed free Wi-Fi provided by Free As Air and you’re connected even on the go. The system is managed by high tech surveillance technology that also makes the buses very secure.

When fully completed with several corridors, the transit system will cover a total of 106 kilometres. The bus transit is, as of now seeing a daily footfall of almost 70,000 passengers, which is a major feat in itself. The rapid bus transit system is on the fast track to development and is paving the way to a much future proof Indore. The system is easy to navigate and is a boon for localities as well as the tourists in the city. Well, what are you waiting for, hop on on one of these buses and see Indore in a new light!

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