9 lifestyle measures to boost your immunity & pose a strong fight against the COVID virus!

Don't neglect if you have any COVID-related symptoms and contact your doctor ASAP!

Plunging the nation into an unprecedented crisis, the second wave of COVID pandemic has plundered the peace of individuals across all parts of India. With no specific medicines available to annihilate the deadly virus, unimaginable fears and uncertainties have gripped our lives. Under such circumstances, it is our body that needs to be strengthened with a toughened protective shield complemented by the ability to combat the virus, if the need arises. So, here are 9 simple lifestyle measures that will help uplift your body vitals and foster better functioning of the immune system!

Nourish yourself with a healthy & protein-rich diet

Balanced and wholesome nutrition is the key to a thriving immune system and a happy life. Experts recommend that a diet filled with a significant amount of protein-rich foods can be highly beneficial in these times. Additionally, fresh fruits and green vegetables should be part and parcel of your daily supper. Here, you must also make sure not to deprive your body of the needed nourishment by skipping meals, irrespective of what the reason may be!

Drink enough fluids & stay hydrated

On an average day, it is suggested to drink 8-10 glasses of water, for keeping your inner self hale and hearty. With the help of hydration, you will prevent the accumulation of toxins and germs in the body, thereby, reducing the possibilities of an infection. While water constitutes to be the most important part of your daily schedules, organic liquids like coconut water can be used to augment your fluid intake.

Inculcate yoga/moderate exercises in your daily routine

If one wishes to maintain a substantial performance of the body's inner organs, keeping up with a regular exercise schedule is fundamentally indispensable. From simple yogic postures to moderate physical training, you can choose your suited alternative but being consistent is the key here. In the current times, experts and doctors have suggested an orderly routine of breathing exercises to aid your lungs in being fit and fine!

Keep your love for liquor & nicotine at bay

Multiple studies have pointed out that alcohol and tobacco consumption adversely affects the internal functioning of the body and hampers its resilience. If you aspire to have a safe and sturdy guard against infections, you have to ensure that you do away with your booze and nicotine dependencies. Besides accelerating your immune response, this will also support your body with positive effects on your mental health too!

Take relaxed sleep for enough hours

Regardless of whether you are lounging lazily or engaged in a strenuous workout regime, the body is always involved in hundreds of internal metabolic processes. Thereby, it is essential to acknowledge the need of adequate rest and recovery to revive the ideal rate of activity every day. Only when the body gets enough sleep of at least 7-8 hours, will it be able to ensure that all systems operate effectively, including the immune mechanism.

Listen to your doctor's advice for supplemental vitamins & minerals

As the virus is getting deadlier each day with new mutants and amplified symptoms, some doctors advise taking supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc, to nurture the body's defence system. If the body gets the right things on time, it will definitely support the fight against infections. Here, it is important that you carefully adhere to the doctor's advice and don't resort to self-medication.

Arm up your immunity with best of Ayurveda

As per the Ministry of AYUSH, a number of natural home-developed remedies can help you enhance your resistance against harmful germs and microbes. While kadhas have been popularised since the start of the pandemic, a range of other herbal techniques can also turn you into a well-equipped warrior for securing your health. Amongst many recommended by the authority, Chyavanprash and turmeric milk have to be surely inculcated in your daily plans!

Reside in well-ventilated rooms with sufficient sunlight

Specialists advise inhabiting spaces that have adequate fresh air and receive an ample amount of sunlight. It is claimed that enclosed and dark environs are conducive to germ development, which highlights the need for proper ventilation. Further, it would be great if you can bask under the sunlight for some time because the sun rays help in raising the vitamin D levels in the body, thereby, improving the immune response.

Manage your stress levels efficiently

​Amid the troubles ushered by the ongoing pandemic, it is hard to escape stress and anxiety. Despite all of this, one must remember that a sound mind is a prerequisite for a healthy body. Be it, uniting with your mates over virtual platforms, engaging in a crafty activity or practicing simple mediation, you must take out time for keeping your calm intact. While some moments will surely be overwhelming, it is necessary to maintain your stability!

Knock Knock

When it is difficult to spot any light at the end of the tunnel, igniting an inner ray of hope is what really helps. From philosophy to biology, these words find considerable resonance during these tumultuous times. It is important to remember that besides being your best friend, your body is your lone constant companion. So, do not forget to boost it up physically, mentally and emotionally and it is highly probable that sailing through this pandemic won't be a tough deal for you!

All the above measures are suggestive in nature for precaution and prevention and do not account for treatment. Don't neglect if you have any COVID-related symptoms and contact your doctor ASAP!

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