The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is well known for its efforts in making Indore cleanest city in the country. In the past, their efforts have won the city many accolades in relation to cleanliness, from being awarded the 'cleanest city' title 4 times in a row or having other cities follow its cleanliness model. However, now they plan to take things to the next level with their goal to achieve a 7 star rating in terms of garbage cleanliness.

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Indore's mission towards a cleaner city has been a rather rewarding one. Over the past few years, Indore has been pushing the boundaries with new technologies and powerful initiatives when it comes to keeping the city clean. Among the newest of these initiatives is the introduction of an Aqua Harvester, which will help keep the water bodies of Indore clean and gunk free.

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Indore, which had recently been awarded the cleanest city award for the fourth time in a row, now has another big achievement to itself. The city has just been honoured with the award for plastic management in India. Indore received the former award on 31st December 2019.

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In Indore, there are quite a few places that can pique the interest of not just the locals, but the tourists as well. You've got lanes of food, several heritage spots and even a few natural hubs that give you a break from the concrete jungle.

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Over the past few years, Indore has been consistently getting the award for the cleanest city in India. This is largely in part due to the several zero waste townships and complexes that have come up in the city.

Now, Indore is gearing up to receive an all new waste free locality that will help the city retain its tag of the cleanest city in India. The new locality will come up at Indore's Newyork City, which is located at Rau Bypass road. Prior to this, there were three such townships which became the models of cleanliness.

What's the update?

Indore's cleanliness model is one that has been adopted not just in National fora, but Internationally as well. The model is the strict guideline that the three existing waste free townships follow. There's finally a new zero waste township coming up in Indore and it promises a whole lot of things.

Such a township could indeed change the face of Indore city. In fact, it will also push forward the initiative of an even cleaner city. Many schools of thought also suggest that a fourth waste free township is something that could urge other cities to take similar steps towards cleanliness.

How does a zero waste township function?

Most of the cleanliness habits within the townships can be attributed to residents themselves. Though the rules were set up by the IMC (Indore Municipal Corporation), most of the initiative has been taken by the residents themselves.

Recycling is the name of the game when it comes to zero waste. Having zero waste would be next to impossible, but when you recycle the waste, it can be used for many different purposes. Since most of what gets recycled is sent back to the homes it came from, one even has a motive to segregate garbage properly.

Additionally, there are garbage disposal trucks which take your waste to a recycling hub. Since you can be fined if you don't give your waste away, people even have a good incentive to do so.

Knock Knock

Over the past few months, Indore city has been on a roll. The city is evolving at an exceptionally fast rate and honestly, we can't wait to see more of it. Indore is one place that is becoming a model for other towns and if the 4th zero waste colony comes up, Indoris are in for a treat!

Indore, the cleanest city in India, is on its way to becoming a whole lot greener than ever before. Owing to the redevelopment and urbanization of most of the city, a lot of the forest area and the green cover in general has been cut down. Now, the Indore Smart City Development Ltd (ISCDL), which is the body behind the smart city makeover, are planning to increase the green cover all across Indore.

What's the update?

Contrary to popular belief, the smart city project is not just all about building skyscrapers and covering every inch of the city in technology. It is also about building a sustainable place for Indoris, where they can live as they used to, just with a better quality of life.

The latest such development, which doesn't involve constructing sky high buildings is to increase the green area and make Indore not just the cleanest city, but also the greenest one.

Why the need?

Owing to the recent urbanization of Indore, a majority of the green cover has been lost. Now, the ISCDL is hard at work to give something back to the environment. They plan to plant trees in more congested and traffic ridden areas, so as to help with the ever increasing pollution issue in Indore.

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Apart from that, they are also focusing on providing Indoris with a better flora all across the city, that will contribute in improving the air quality.

As for the newly planted trees, the ISCDL also has plans to install chips in them, so that they get an idea of the entire forest cover in Indore. With the help of this, they can monitor areas and the green cover, which should be beneficial if they wish to change anything in the future.

Knock Knock

With the recent news of new buildings and structures coming up in the city it seemed like all natural life in Indore would take a hit. However, this development comes as a breath of fresh air, quite literally, and should herald an era of a more eco-friendly Indore.

India's cleanest city, Indore, is setting an example not just on a national scale but on an international scale too. In what comes as music to our ears, 72 nations across the world will make use of Indore's cleanliness and waste-to-energy models!

For the past two years, the city has been awarded the official tag of being the cleanest city in India and now, it is gaining recognition on a global scale as well.

What's the update?

Indore city trash production stands at a whooping 35 tonnes a day. However, all of that is converted regularly into usable CNG energy- which ain’t a small feat!

In fact, this is one of the most successful waste-to-energy models we've ever seen, not only in India but internationally as well. It ranks among the top, with the likes of Swiss and Swedish innovations.

Since it's been such a huge hit in some parts of India, it will soon be implemented in 72 countries in Asia and Africa. This surely helps to put Indore on the international map and marks it as a progressive and developing city with a lot of potential.

This was recently decided at the International Forum for Sustainable Development Asia and Pacific conference, in Tokyo. Based on the usage of the model in Indore, the other countries will tweak it according to their needs but the fact of the matter remains, that it is something that stems out of Indore.

Knock Knock

The fact that Indore was the cleanest city twice in a row was enough to make us proud but now that the model is going to be used on an international scale, it is a matter of further honor for the nation!

The city has been surprising us of late and with this new development, we're really proud of Indore and the fact that such innovations from the city are changing the global landscape.

A city like Indore, one that is developing at a phenomenal rate, is increasingly becoming a concrete jungle. With tall buildings revamping the skyline of the city, it really is a marvel how nature still manages to find a way to thrive and survive in such an environment. To help the environmental cause, authorities have stated that they aim to set up an oxygen park. Read on to know more about the upcoming Oxygen Park in Indore.

According to reports from Times of India, a plantation drive was carried out in a village near Indore on Monday and this will serve as the stepping stone for the aforementioned oxygen parks. Basically, the oxygen parks will help keep Indore pollution free and as eco friendly as possible in the age where the city is shifting to a more urbanized town.

As for the plantation drive, some officials said that they have identified a few areas where it would be best to plant saplings. Additionally, the initial goal is to sow at least 5,000 saplings. In the near future, these will grow into massive deciduous trees that will provide a much-needed green cover in a few parts of the city.

Apart from just planting the 5,000 saplings in areas such as Sanwadiya, Chander, Chittoda and Harsola, the main city will also get up to 50,000 new trees along the Indore Dewas bypass road. This will ensure that even when global warming and such issues are at their peak, Indore will be able to sustain itself. In addition to that, this is also another essential move towards caring for the environment and giving something back to nature.

Though Indore already holds the mantle of the cleanest city, these developments could also ensure a place for the city in terms of atmospheric cleanliness and ease of breathability.

Indore as a city has been deeply involved in the cleanliness drive. After all, the city stood first in the country for a third time in a row. People of Indore, it seems, love nothing more than their poha jalebi and a good ol’ drive to revolutionise and create awareness about environment and ways to save it.

In a time where the Earth is heating up as we speak, glaciers are melting, there’s pollution everywhere and greenhouse gases have made their way into our lives, the dream to achieve sustainability seems unachievable.

Yet, Indore has time and again proved that if you put your mind to things, nothing is achievable.

This World Environment Day, Indore as a city came forward to do all that and much more. The people of Indore, the authorities, the government and organizations came together to spread the message of conservation and sustainable living and they did it so proudly, we feel other cities need to borrow a leaf from Indore’s book.

To mark the World Environment Day, over 200 saplings were planted at the Trenching grounds, which if you recall from our previous reports, was used to dump tonnes of waste and garbage.

Not only was the trenching ground cleaned but it is now planned, that there would be a huge golf course in its stead.

Not just that, to create awareness among people about water conservation, Urban Health Resource Centre formed a human chain near Palasia, Chhappan Dukan and Nand Bagh.

While IIT Indore planned and successfully oversaw a plantation drive where they planted sapling and talked about how IIT Indore is “aggressively pursuing” a sustainable campus strategy by using solar panels on rooftops, using electric vehicles within the campus and keeping their campus cashless.

One might say that these steps are few and what huge difference can they make towards an environment that is deteriorating day by day. Yet, we must remember that small efforts are what make anything successful, these small efforts are good enough to shape the lifestyle, the way of life for people and that is exactly what we need.

Kudos to you Indore.