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When it comes to accomplishments related to the city, Indore seems to be on a roll. In the recent past, the city has racked up several awards and laurels to its name, including the much talked of 'Cleanest City' title. Now, once again, Indore has proven that it's heading towards the smart city goal and bagged another title. In the 'Ease of Living Index 2019' survey, Indore City has risen to the second position, after coming in fourth last year.

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For many of us, winters are the epitome of seasonal comfort. Everything is calm, slow moving and relaxing. The joy of just curling up in your blanket with your favourite book and sipping on hot chocolate is pretty much unmatched.

However, winters in the city can tend to take a toll on you. Things start to get monotonous and you just need a break from it all, sometimes even from the harsh cold. With that in mind, we've curated a list of the places that you need to visit if you want to make the best of winter holidays.

Chokhi Dhani

Since the place is just a short drive away, Chokhi Dhani isn't exactly 'getting out of the city', but it still has an otherworldly vibe to it. Here, you can stay in a rural Rajasthani setting and munch on soul warming food straight from the desert state of India. The vibes here make you forget that the winters are on in full swing and offer a much needed break from everyday city life. Need we say more?

Lakshadweep Islands

To visit Lakshadweep islands, you'll need to plan ahead, but it's all going to be completely worth it. The Islands are serene and almost untouched by the industrial hand of man. They help you get in touch with nature and the best part is that you get to bask along the white shores of the Arabian sea, while watching the sun set over the shimmering crystal clear sea. It is truly a sight to behold and if you're one who can't handle the winters, then a trip here is worthwhile.


Coming back closer to home, you can quench your thirst for mesmerizing flora at Gulawat, which is a place just a short drive from Indore. Here, the Lotus Lake is the main attraction and it is certainly one place that lets you experience something breathtaking. During the winters, everything is just perfect and we can say the same for the lotus lake as well. Apart from that, Gulawat is a quaint little place that helps you relax and take a break from your hectic lifestyle.

Hanumantiya Island

Another island makes its way on to our list, solely because of the fact that the warm rays of the sun wash over you, providing some much needed comfort. The place is truly a spectacle of nature and though you're not exactly surrounded by the open sea, the experience of being out in the open, and taking in the sun rays is quite cathartic. The winters are often murky and dull, but when the sun is out at Hanumantiya Island, all is good.


This sacred island nestled on the banks of the Narmada River is a must visit this winter. A predominantly temple town, the hidden gem has an aura of its own. Come winters or summers, the place is always sunny and manages to engulf you in a warm embrace as soon as you enter. There are loads of fun activities to do here as well, so you could plan to make a day or two out of the trip.

Knock Knock

As far as winters in Indore are considered, you don't really have much to worry about. The cold season isn't all that harsh in Indore, but sometimes, you just need to get out of the town. In that case, we suggest that you head over to one of these places and ditch the duvets while you're at it.

Often, going to the doctor is more of an ado than the ailment itself. The appointments you have to take and the absence from your workplace will soon become issues of the past. With the help of a new and rather revolutionary move, you can get free and quick medical checkups on the go at these mobile AHM (Anytime Health Monitoring) centers. Since they are equipped with diagnoses for over 50 diseases, one can expect most illnesses' prognoses here.

What's the update?

Though Indore is the cleanest city in India, there is not a lack of diseases. Since the mosquito season is almost upon us, the afflictions might not be too far behind. They say that prevention is better than cure and the Indore Smart City Development Ltd (ISCDL) authorities have taken note, which is why they have begun the new AHM concept.

How does it work?

Much like an ATM, the AHM machines have been designed with the same philosophy- ease of use. The ISCDL made this decision as they want people from all walks of life to make use of the service, which has been installed on a pilot basis as of now.

Here, all you have to do is first register your mobile number and email ID, approach the machine and select health checkup. Within the menu, you will be given several options to choose from, wherein you can put in your symptoms. Apart from that, you can also test yourself for a total of 58 ailments. Once you are done with that, a detailed PDF report will be sent to your email ID, which can be shown to a doctor for further assistance.

In fact, you can also have one-on-one live video conferences with doctors right from the AHM kiosks. The doctors can then prescribe you with medicines, which are easily available. The kiosks are rather high-end and equipped with various medical scopes that are attached to the machines.

Where can you find AHM pods?

As of now, the AHM idea has been implemented at several hot spots within the city, on a pilot basis. Once the implementation becomes mainstream, the planners aim to install them at corporate parks, malls, airports, residential complexes and rural areas.

Knock Knock

For the working class of people, taking time off the busy schedule is not an option. In that respect, it becomes tough to balance one's health and work-life. However, with the help of the AHM kiosks, one can expect better and more convenient medical services, without any cost.

India's cleanest city, Indore, is setting an example not just on a national scale but on an international scale too. In what comes as music to our ears, 72 nations across the world will make use of Indore's cleanliness and waste-to-energy models!

For the past two years, the city has been awarded the official tag of being the cleanest city in India and now, it is gaining recognition on a global scale as well.

What's the update?

Indore city trash production stands at a whooping 35 tonnes a day. However, all of that is converted regularly into usable CNG energy- which ain’t a small feat!

In fact, this is one of the most successful waste-to-energy models we've ever seen, not only in India but internationally as well. It ranks among the top, with the likes of Swiss and Swedish innovations.

Since it's been such a huge hit in some parts of India, it will soon be implemented in 72 countries in Asia and Africa. This surely helps to put Indore on the international map and marks it as a progressive and developing city with a lot of potential.

This was recently decided at the International Forum for Sustainable Development Asia and Pacific conference, in Tokyo. Based on the usage of the model in Indore, the other countries will tweak it according to their needs but the fact of the matter remains, that it is something that stems out of Indore.

Knock Knock

The fact that Indore was the cleanest city twice in a row was enough to make us proud but now that the model is going to be used on an international scale, it is a matter of further honor for the nation!

The city has been surprising us of late and with this new development, we're really proud of Indore and the fact that such innovations from the city are changing the global landscape.

A city like Indore, one that is developing at a phenomenal rate, is increasingly becoming a concrete jungle. With tall buildings revamping the skyline of the city, it really is a marvel how nature still manages to find a way to thrive and survive in such an environment. To help the environmental cause, authorities have stated that they aim to set up an oxygen park. Read on to know more about the upcoming Oxygen Park in Indore.

According to reports from Times of India, a plantation drive was carried out in a village near Indore on Monday and this will serve as the stepping stone for the aforementioned oxygen parks. Basically, the oxygen parks will help keep Indore pollution free and as eco friendly as possible in the age where the city is shifting to a more urbanized town.

As for the plantation drive, some officials said that they have identified a few areas where it would be best to plant saplings. Additionally, the initial goal is to sow at least 5,000 saplings. In the near future, these will grow into massive deciduous trees that will provide a much-needed green cover in a few parts of the city.

Apart from just planting the 5,000 saplings in areas such as Sanwadiya, Chander, Chittoda and Harsola, the main city will also get up to 50,000 new trees along the Indore Dewas bypass road. This will ensure that even when global warming and such issues are at their peak, Indore will be able to sustain itself. In addition to that, this is also another essential move towards caring for the environment and giving something back to nature.

Though Indore already holds the mantle of the cleanest city, these developments could also ensure a place for the city in terms of atmospheric cleanliness and ease of breathability.

Good News Indore: City to become first in the country to collect and segregate waste directly from households. The cleanest city in the country is all geared up to set a whole new record with the ingenious scheme. The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and IMC commissioner Asheesh Singh are responsible for taking these preventive steps.

What’s the update?

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has decided to send vans to collect plastic wastes from households in Indore. The step is being taken to be able to segregate waste from the source of its origin-households and recycle the same.

The Facts

The step is an initiative of IMC commissioner Asheesh Singh, who is famed of clearing the Indore trenching ground off of 13 lakh metric tonnes of dumped waste in record time. He also came up with the idea to convert the plastic waste into diesel!

Asheesh was quoted as saying that a private agency will be hired to collect the plastic waste from homes. This will not only take the recycling module to the grass-root level, but also make it sustainable. He also says that an arrangement can be striked with the agency wherein the residents can be given money in exchange of the plastic they hand out. this will not only incentivize people but also motivate them to actively collect plastic waste and turn it in for recycling.

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Why is it important?

The move will not only help IMC with controlling and managing waste in the city but will also save it over ₹1 crore that it spends in collection and transportation of plastic waste. It will also make sure that residents form a habit of segregating waste which in turn will not only be good for the city but the nature as a whole.

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Knock Knock

Steps like these prove that when it comes to cleanliness, hygiene and waste management no other city can even catch up with Indore. Indore has time and again proven why it is the cleanest city in India. The recycled plastic can be used to create a number of things and cause way less harm to the environment. It’s high time other cities take a leaf out of Indore’s book of cleanliness and change the way they tackle waste and waste management.