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Are you a fan of doodling or reading, or just fancy keeping diaries, pens and all things cute? We bet you will find this online gift shop enticing, for it has a great collection of cutesy notebooks, journals, pocket diaries, postcards, scented candles and so much more. Paperphile's exclusive collection consists of knick-knacks for your desk and artsy stationery. At this online store, you can find customized stationery that is designed and printed with love.

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Fusing the element of fun, invention and sustainability, BLive - India's first EV Tourism platform, has decided to broaden its reach and spruce up your outdoor trips with just the right mix of adventure and conservation.
Renowned for offering themed tours across the country, this company is set to venture into the foray of promoting e-bike rides with its recent partnership with IHCL's SeleQtions. By the clutch of this collab, BLive has started to pedal its journey towards emission-free and eco-friendly tourism at 14 locations across India.
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