Does anybody remember Woodstock ‘69? The ones who do, would do well to tell the others. Woodstock ‘69 was one event where everyone let their hair down, gave in to great music and partied like there was no tomorrow. In case you’re wondering why we’re talking about Woodstock ‘69, well, you’ll be glad to know that you can find something of the sort in Pune too- just not as mismanaged and a bit more grounded.

Tapped is India’s first craft beer, food and music festival and it’s coming to Pune once again for it’s 7th iteration. We already know what we’re doing on August 4 the question is, will you be there or will you be square?

The sheer number of things you can partake in here are more than what you bargained for and if you’re anything like us, you’re going to try the fun stuff out for yourself. For one, there’s going to be craft beer- and loads of it.

With over 35 varieties of craft beers to try, you’ll be in a whirlwind of flavours deciding which one you liked the most. Apart from that, there will also be a few beer brand launches, meaning you’ll be the first one to try them out.

Though we don’t really need to say more at this point because surely the attraction of so much beer has lured you in, there’s loads of other things to do here as well. There’s going to be wild musical performances by a fascinating lineup of musicians, several party games that will bring the crowd together and of course, food, lots and lots of food.

In case you’re thinking there’s going to be run of the mill street food, you’re in for a huge surprise. They’ve got the best dishes from all over Goa and Mumbai to elevate the taste of your beer to the next level. So be sure they also have something for the epicure in you.

Tapped- India’s first & biggest craft beer, food & music festival, is coming back to town and it will take place on 4th August, 2019. So if you are looking for a great experience full of music, dance and booze, be sure to book your tickets here.

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Abhishek Walia's latest show in Jaipur promises an evening of giggles and chuckles

The event is scheduled for the 6th of February at Jaipur's L.O.L cafe.

Have your new year vibes given up to the monotony of life already? Or, are you fed up with the uncertain times moving slowly through the pandemic? Then, light up your spirits for we know what you want! After your crazy laughter went on an uninformed vacation a long time ago, we know that your heart has been craving for an evening of exuberance, and comedian Abhishek Walia is coming to Jaipur with his brand new show, just to take care of that!

What's the cool thing all about?

Claiming to be an evening that would twist the obnoxious Kalesh in everyone's life into a laugh ride, the event promises to entertain its attendees with a live roast performance. The 1.5 hours long show would tickle its audience with the wittiest insights from the most usual experiences of life.

After winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 5, Abhishek Walia has made it to the hearts of young people across the country. A University of Delhi Alumnus with a history of working as an analyst and a trained anchor too, Abhishek has worked in a lot of fields before finally realising what his calling was. Having garnered millions of views on his roast acts available online, the artist shines bright in the Indian comedy circle.

For long we have been hooked to our youtube screens for all our doses of laughter amidst the lockdown and an outing like this, will surely provide for a fresh change for the head and the heart.

Knock Knock

Whether you are thinking of clearing your mind or dreaming of a memorable fun-time with your bae, this event definitely deserves your attention. To book your spots in the room of giggles and chuckles, find tickets here.

When: 6th February, 6 PM onwards

Where: L.O.L Cafe, Ashok Nagar Jaipur.

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