India’s very own Hogwarts, Delhi School of Magic is all about tricks up your sleeves!

A magician snaps his fingers and an entire lady disappears right in front of your eyes. How is this possible, you ask yourself. You have a functional rationale and an insight on how objects behave and you know that objects or people cannot simply disappear into thin air! But that’s exactly what you witnessed, in plain sight.

So behind all the spells and dramatic music cue, it’s just all about clever tricks to keep you enchanted. Movies and series like Harry Potter, Wizards of Waverly Place, Shararat, Sabrina have just fuelled our imaginations like no other- we’ve always wanted to snap our fingers like Thanos to make things disappear or just to make things happen!

So to make your magician dreams come true, Delhi has something for the aspirants and hoodoo not want to miss it for sure, if magic is all you dream about.

Delhi School of Magic

is here for the aspiring magicians who want to explore the magic they’re capable of creating! They even have a certificate course in magic which lends credibility to your art and gives you in-depth training to perform seamlessly as you please!

Raj Kumar, the founder of Delhi School of Magic has been a magician for nearly three decades and not of the occult and spells kind! Recognized as one of India's most sought after performers, he engages diverse audiences with a repertoire of magic that is highly interactive and fun.

An illusionist since 1982, he graduated from Delhi University in 1982 and in 1989, he became a full-time magician. In 1995 he set up Delhi School of Magic to share the knowledge of magic and illusionism! The aim of this course is to transfer the code of magic into positive hands; who’d do justice to this old art form!

Tricks up their sleeves!

They have 4 kinds of courses for you to explore with- Beginners Magic courses, Professional Magic courses, Instant Magic tricks and the usage of all Magic props. So take your pick and head over here with your brooms and wands to explore this surreal world of trickery!

Magic is one of the oldest tricks of the trade to baffle audiences by creating illusions of the impossible and how. The true secret behind magic lies in neat psychological manipulations that exploit our limitations to see, feel and think!

Location: Shop no. SF 32. Magic Planet Cross River Mall,Second Floor, Near Karkarduma, Delhi

Contact: 09312210577

*Age no bar, anyone anytime can enrol here!

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