Bollywood sensation Guru Randhawa is coming to Indore and we can’t keep calm!
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Bollywood sensation Guru Randhawa is coming to Indore and we can’t keep calm!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Indore is a rather happening city when it comes to the number of things to do. There are a plethora of cafes in the city, loads of heritage sights to pay a visit to but where the city lacks is in it’s mega events. Now, you may have something to look forward to because musician Guru Randhawa is coming to town and you’ve got to be there. He’s gonna be in Indore on 25th May and since the tickets are selling like hot cakes, you should get yours ASAP.

The musical genius that is Guru Randhawa, is coming over to Indore on 25th as part of his Bollyboom India tour 2.0. He is well known for his hit songs such as High Rated Gabru, Daaru Wargi and Morni Banke. These songs are an important reason as to why he is so popular in not only Indore but all of India. In fact, he is also something of a world wide sensation as well because of his major collab with PitBull.

His lyrics are relatable and resonate well within the hearts of the Indian youth. Often times, he sings about heartbreak, youth issues and occasionally even about just spending a good time with your friends. The event is going to be completely insane because the venue is massive, which gives you ample room to dance away like there’s no tomorrow.

Citizens of Indore have for a long time been awaiting Guru Randhawa and his dedicated fan base here is all pumped up about seeing him in the flesh. Apart from that, since he has a massive fan following in the city, he could have a few unexpected performances up his sleeve.

His hit songs in bollywood movies such as Badhai Ho and Why Cheat India have put him on the pedestal that he is on today and have made him one of the greatest artists of our generation. The event is a one of a kind affair that you can’t afford to miss. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab a few friends and book your tickets as fast as you can.

When- May 25, 2019
Where- Shri Gujarati Samaj, English Med. School: Indore
Tickets- Book your tickets here.