Over the past few years, Indore has been consistently getting the award for the cleanest city in India. This is largely in part due to the several zero waste townships and complexes that have come up in the city.

Now, Indore is gearing up to receive an all new waste free locality that will help the city retain its tag of the cleanest city in India. The new locality will come up at Indore's Newyork City, which is located at Rau Bypass road. Prior to this, there were three such townships which became the models of cleanliness.

What's the update?

Indore's cleanliness model is one that has been adopted not just in National fora, but Internationally as well. The model is the strict guideline that the three existing waste free townships follow. There's finally a new zero waste township coming up in Indore and it promises a whole lot of things.

Such a township could indeed change the face of Indore city. In fact, it will also push forward the initiative of an even cleaner city. Many schools of thought also suggest that a fourth waste free township is something that could urge other cities to take similar steps towards cleanliness.

How does a zero waste township function?

Most of the cleanliness habits within the townships can be attributed to residents themselves. Though the rules were set up by the IMC (Indore Municipal Corporation), most of the initiative has been taken by the residents themselves.

Recycling is the name of the game when it comes to zero waste. Having zero waste would be next to impossible, but when you recycle the waste, it can be used for many different purposes. Since most of what gets recycled is sent back to the homes it came from, one even has a motive to segregate garbage properly.

Additionally, there are garbage disposal trucks which take your waste to a recycling hub. Since you can be fined if you don't give your waste away, people even have a good incentive to do so.

Knock Knock

Over the past few months, Indore city has been on a roll. The city is evolving at an exceptionally fast rate and honestly, we can't wait to see more of it. Indore is one place that is becoming a model for other towns and if the 4th zero waste colony comes up, Indoris are in for a treat!

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